Body language expert exposes Harry and Meghan’s ‘tells’ in Netflix doc

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped the new Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan on Thursday, and a body language expert analyzed key moments between the couple.

From body language expert Darren Stanton Betfair CasinoHe highlighted the “fairytale signs” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex showing their “true feelings” on camera.

When Harry discussed his first meeting with Markle, he showed signs of “nervousness” and “embarrassment,” Stanton told The Post.

The couple said they actually met on Instagram and Harry was running half an hour late due to traffic.

“I panicked, I was scared, I was sweating,” she said.

“When talking about their first date, Prince Harry started to blush a little, which is embarrassing. Then he started touching his face and nose – signals called soothing gestures,” Stanton said.

A body language expert has highlighted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s ‘telltale signs’.

These gestures give confidence when talking about something that might bother a person.

Harry touching her face suggests he is not comfortable discussing his relationship with Markle and “wants to be ashamed of it”.

“When we think about a memory, the subconscious mind believes that we are reliving it, so it evokes all the emotions that the person felt in that memory,” Stanton said.

Harry and Meghan is a Netflix show
The couple acted ‘very naughty’ as they joked about the qualities Prince Harry was looking for in a girlfriend.

“Even though Meghan and Harry are talking about their first date today, Harry’s subconscious is reliving all of his past emotions and that’s why we see him blushing and twitching,” it added. he did.

But while Harry appeared nervous when discussing their first date, Markle was “the most confident”.

“In terms of body language in this clip, Harry looks nervous and nervous, but Meghan is completely calm and in control,” Stanton said. “It should not be forgotten that during his career as an actor he got used to creating performances on camera. He knows how to play in the best way.

“He’s definitely the most confident person in this clip because his body language conveys calmness,” he said.

Markle was “most confident” when discussing her first date with Harry.

The pair acted “very naughty” as they joked about the qualities Harry was looking for in a girlfriend.

“It’s clear they have a great sense of humor around each other and they’re both ready to show it off in front of the cameras. Meghan was so playful when Harry talked about seeing her on social media with a dog filter, the pair laughed,” Stanton said.

As they joked about the list, Harry said “let’s not go there” – showing he’s still sensitive about talking about past relationships.

“He obviously wants to put it in the past and focus on the present. But he ended the conversation in a good-natured, humorous and mischievous way,” Stanton said.

In the documentary, Harry compares his wife to his late mother, Princess Diana – and he really believes that the similarities are real.

“What Meghan is and how she is is very much like my mother. She has the same love. She has the same empathy. She has the same confidence. She has such a warm relationship with her,” Harry said in the documentary.

Stanton believes this is what attracted Harry to Markle in the first place.

“When Harry talked about Meghan, I didn’t see any signs of cheating or him faking his feelings for the cameras,” she said. “Her body language and behavior seem to match exactly what she’s thinking. Her non-verbal communication shows that she truly believes Meghan looks like Diana.

According to Stanton, it’s clear that Harry believes what he’s saying is true because he’s more serious when he talks about it in the clip.

Harry still feels the loss of his late mother, Stanton added.

Harry and Meghan is a Netflix show
Harry was “nervous” and “embarrassed”.

“When we think about people we’ve lost in life or certain traumatic situations, our minds conjure up those feelings and thoughts. Harry’s non-verbal communication shows that when he was talking about his mother, we saw some micro expressions of grief. This is a sign that he still feels a great loss for his mother,” he explained.

Stanton also noted that Markle is a “kinesthetic” and “tactile” person who likes to be touched – something she learned when she first met Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton that she could be “shocking” to others.

“As Meghan talks about this moment, I notice her eyebrows go up and her face drop. It was a combination of feelings of embarrassment and shame,” Stanton said. “As he replayed the memory of the meeting, his unconscious mind fought against the emotions of that moment.”

Harry and Meghan is a Netflix show
Harry and Meghan’s body language proved they showed their ‘true feelings’ on camera.

Markle said she thought it was appropriate to hug her brother-in-law and bride-to-be for their first meeting – but didn’t know that hugging is “really uncomfortable for a lot of Brits”.

According to Stanton, according to previous analyzes of William and Kate, they also tend to be kinesthetic people – they should have warmed to Markle.

“From William and Kate’s responses, it was clear that they still had to get to know him a little bit before that happened. According to my previous analysis of Prince William and Kate, they also come across as kinesthetic people, but they may be cautious before making a decision to approach and open up to someone like most people,” she said.


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