Boeing is cutting 2,000 HR and finance jobs, outsourcing some to India

New York

Boeing plans to cut about 2,000 white-collar jobs in finance and human resources, and will shift some of that work to an outside contractor in India.

Although Boeing will reduce office staff, the company is preparing to add 10,000 employees focused on engineering and manufacturing.

The company said that would be accomplished through a combination of job cuts and layoffs. Boeing said the employees who will be laid off have not yet been notified. Some of the functions performed by the retrenched staff will be outsourced to Tata Consulting Services in Bengaluru, India, while other functions will be eliminated through a streamlining and streamlining process.

“We will continue to communicate transparently with our teams that we expect to reduce staffing in certain corporate support functions so that we can focus our resources on engineering and manufacturing and directly delivering our products, services,” the company said. and support technology development efforts,” the company said. a statement. “As always, we will support the affected teammates and provide support and resources to help them transition.”

Boeing announced several rounds of job cuts that cut the number of employees by 20,000 to 141,000 during 2020 as demand for planes fell sharply due to the pandemic. Many customers have canceled orders for the planes, particularly the 737 Max, which was grounded for most of the year after fatal crashes in late 2018 and early 2019.

But Boeing added 15,000 to its workforce last year, bringing employment to 156,000. And it said it plans to hire another 10,000 engineering and manufacturing employees this year.

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