‘Borshch war’ volunteers make Ukraine frontline food

In Ukraine, a group of volunteers known as the “Borshch Army” are making and delivering traditional Ukrainian soup, called borshch, to soldiers on the frontline of the conflict in the Donbass region.

The “Borshch Army” was founded by a group of friends who wanted to provide a comforting and nourishing meal to soldiers who were fighting in harsh conditions. They started by cooking large batches of borshch in their own kitchens, and then delivering the soup to soldiers on the front lines.

As the group grew in popularity and demand for their soup increased, they began renting commercial kitchen space and recruiting more volunteers to help with the cooking and delivery process. The group also started accepting donations to help cover the costs of ingredients and other expenses.

The “Borshch Army” has now become a well-known organization in Ukraine, with over 10,000 volunteers helping to make and deliver soup to soldiers on the front lines. The group has also expanded their efforts to include providing aid to civilians affected by the conflict, as well as supporting veterans and their families.

The volunteers of the “Borshch Army” say that their mission is not just about providing a hot meal, but also about showing support and solidarity for those who are risking their lives to defend their country.

The conflict in the Donbass region began in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and pro-Russian separatists took control of parts of eastern Ukraine. The conflict has since claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions of people.

While the “Borshch Army” is just one small effort in a larger conflict, their work is a reminder of the power of community and the importance of supporting those who are fighting for their country.

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