British Airways takes heat from its own pilot for stifling social media rules: ‘End of my flying posts’

British Airways A veteran pilot posted an explanation on its social media rules after lamenting the company’s latest guidelines for its aerial photos.

Captain Dave Wallsworth, who had been flying for British Airways since 1989, was famous for posting photos from inside the cockpit during flights and taking selfies from his window on the runway. He claimed on Wednesday that due to updated company rules, he is now barred from posting any photos while “professionally engaged”.

Walsworth tweeted, “Unfortunately, due to newly published company guidelines, my colleagues and I will no longer be allowed to post on @British_Airways while ‘professionally engaged in our job.'” This is the end of my flying posts, photos and videos. Thanks for all the lovely comments over the years.”

A British Airways plane carrying Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales arrives at Logan Airport on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.
(John Tilmaki/The Boston Globe via AP, Poll)

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Walsworth often photographed his flights while on the plane, as well as posting photos of himself with celebrities such as actors David Harewood, Timothy Dalton and the late Helen McCrory.

British Airways appeared to respond on Thursday with an online statement saying it is “not preventing colleagues from posting on social media,” but clarifying that employees are not allowed to take photos or No need to post.

Critics of British Airways’ guidelines took to Twitter.

“It’s so stupid,” said Times journalist Hina al-Othman. “Please give us good photos from around the world. Do you really want BA’s presence on social media just to respond to complaints?”

Andrew Stuart, deputy editor of Reach Central Video Hub, said, “Everyone loves to share their great work – something many of us want to do but for whatever reason can’t – and from the perfect office window. views,” said Andrew Stuart, deputy editor of Reach Central Video Hub. “It’s such a shame that it’s being cut short. We can only hope that someone is reconsidering.”

British Airways Terminal.

British Airways Terminal.

“What you claim, and what your pilots say, is completely different,” tweeted Enrique Parrilla, aviation director of Business Traveler magazine. “Such a disappointment. Your pilots are great to follow because of the beautiful content they provide.”

Others hailed Walsworth as a “fantastic ambassador” for the airline and recalled how much they enjoyed his photos.

“We have not stopped any colleagues from posting on social media – in fact quite the opposite,” British Airways said in a statement. “We have made it clear to our people about what is appropriate and when. For example, when our colleagues are flying an airplane, they are responsible for the safety of everyone on board. It’s not unreasonable to say that they should wait until their break. Photos.”

Aircraft cockpit

Aircraft cockpit

gave Social media guidelineswhich was updated on January 25, said that British Airways encourages employees to share the creation of original content for the brand, but to do so within reasonable limits.

“As a business we actively use social media networks to tell our story, celebrate our successes, attract new customers and strengthen our brand and reputation. We are positively motivated. do and value the contributions that you, our colleagues, make by sharing your passion on social media. For original content creation and your pride in working at BA,” the guidelines read.

“Many of you choose to post work-related content on social media,” the document later reads. “You are central to our success as a business and sharing your passion for working with us is part of the way we continue to build a better BA. But that comes with responsibility. Social Media Misuse of can negatively impact colleagues, customers, and BA’s reputation.”

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