Bryan Cranston says Super Bowl commercial will probably, maybe be his last appearance as Walter White

There’s a kind of poetic irony in the fact that Bryan Cranston’s final appearance didn’t coincide with the death of chemistry teacher-turned-king Walter White in his final moments. Breaking Bador his cameo in the follow-up film way toor even his recent revenge in his excellent final season Better call Saul.

no. Even actors as big as Cranston can’t escape the crushing wheels of capitalism, apparently something Walt already knows.

“This could be a retiring event. Breaking Bad universe,” Cranston explained Additional. He continued: “I’ve had opportunities to bring Walter White into the environment. I did it for Aaron’s film. way to And then once again Better call Saul. We were able to come back and every time we thought, ‘OK, this is the last time we’re going to do this,’ and then Popcorns called and it was like, ‘OK, we’ll do it one more time. And will do. “

Just spitballing here, but if Cranston and Paul simply chalk it up to Popcorns of all things, we have some doubts about their ability to resist the call of, say, A Vince Gilligan led Gus Fringe origin story.. But this is just a hypothesis.

If this commercial Is Of course the real ABQ-verse ending, it’s… cute, we guess. Aaron Paul and Raymond Cruz also return as Jesse and Tuco, respectively, to replay some of the events. Breaking BadThe first episode of Our favorite duo is back in the old RV to cook something up—only this time, it’s a batch of white cheddar popcorn. “Tight! Tight! Tight!” Teuko later exclaims when she tastes the blue (bagged) stuff.

While it’s certainly not the spectacular death we’d expect for a character as infamous as Walter White, it’s always nice to see the trio doing their thing. And hey, at least it’s a product we can actually legitimately try.

You can watch the Popcorns ad below:

Popcorn’s Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial | Breaking Good 60

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