BTS will launch an official pop-up shop at The O2 in London this week

K-pop juggernauts BTS will launch their own pop-up shop in London on Friday (December 9).

On December 6th, HYBE and Seoul-based production company FreeCONG announced that they will be launching the first BTS pop-up shop in London this Friday. Taking place at the Icon Outlet at The O2, the retail experience runs for eight weeks until January 31.

Entitled “BTS POP-UP: SPACE OF BTS IN LONDON”, the pop-up store features a variety of immersive stores and “Black Swan”, “ON”, “MIC Drop” and “Black Swan”, “ON”, “ It will consist of photo spots dedicated to the boy band’s hits, such as MIC Drop. DNA’ and others. These stores sell official BTS merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items.

“BTS POP-UP: SPACE OF BTS IN LONDON” poster. Credit: Press

Limited edition products such as the BTS reality series IN SOOP merchandise will also be available in a pop-up experience. It also includes a special spot for the boyband’s TinyTAN animated characters modeled after the members.

Fans will need to pre-book free tickets to enter the pop-up shop. Further information on bookings will be announced through local event organizers Carnival Joy’s Instagram and Twitter pages.

‘BTS POP-UP: SPACE OF BTS IN LONDON’ marks the boy band’s first pop-up shop event in the UK and Europe, following ‘The City’ events in Las Vegas and Busan earlier this year. Both events in April and October featured similar pop-up booths and themed areas and activities.

Earlier this morning, Big Hit Music shared an update on BTS member Jin’s upcoming military enlistment. In a statement, the agency urged fans to “refrain from visiting the site” of the idol’s induction ceremony to avoid overcrowding and attend as a sign of respect for other soldiers and their families.

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