Candace Owens apologizes for ‘Botoxgate’ after backlash for asking men for their opinions on lip fillers

Social media was on fire when conservative columnist Candace Owens asked men to poll them about women’s use of botox and fillers to enhance their lips.

“Botox” trended on Twitter on Monday after Owens asked for “only men’s opinions” on the subject of the injection as part of a research project he’s working on on how “social media can change people’s appetites.” Owens’ tweet struck a nerve with some women online, with several men taking their preferences into account.

“I’m very surprised that I’m in a puddle,” Owens said Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” calling it “Botoxgate.”

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A woman receives a Botox injection during an event called “Botox Rescue.”
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“Serious question for men: Do you think Botox/Filler, fake lips look attractive?” read Owens’ tweet. “Do you envision a long-term relationship with girls who look like this? Men’s opinions only, please. You’re working on a show that will change our appetite for social media.”

According to Owens, he asked this question as part of his research into various aspects of life that have a dramatic effect on the “psychological immune system.”

“We’re constantly looking at all these digital toxins. We’re scrolling through our phones on social media and then all of a sudden we start imitating the behaviors we see. For example: Wear a mask, save a life, and now suddenly people are wearing a mask on their children, doesn’t come out,” he told Tucker Carlson. “When you go on social media and everyone starts looking the same, it’s like an avatar, it’s weird.”

Candace Owens

Many men responded to Owens’ tweet expressing their preference for natural lips. However, women have defended the use of botox and fillers, and men often fail to recognize that a woman has had cosmetic work done.

In a follow-up tweet, Owens noted, “Botox is trending right now. Most of the time, women get offended when I ask men a simple question. I didn’t expect that.”


Owens told Carlson that she personally does not use Botox or fillers for cosmetic purposes, but she “doesn’t mind people” who choose to use injections to enhance their features.

“Personally, I don’t, but I was wondering if men found this new face that everyone decided to be attractive,” she said. “And boy did I meet some very hot women.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks to reporters at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., speaks to reporters at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021
((AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite))

“I have a close friend who does Botox and she said, ‘Candace, you white women are starting a war on us, how dare you?’ That’s what we have to do,’” Owens recalled.

“Everyone started looking the same on Instagram,” he later said. “It’s hard to tell the difference between a working trans man or woman. We’re where we are today.”

The podcast host said the exchange made him realize that “some topics are very sensitive.”

“I apologize to all my fans and listeners, and I’m going to leave your botox and fillers alone,” he said before questioning Nancy Pelosi’s use of botox and cosmetic work.

“I wanted to open up the conversation and say that it’s okay to like your face and your age in a beautiful way, and I knew people weren’t ready to have that conversation yet.”

“But,” Owens joked. “We need to check Nancy’s eyebrows.”

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