Capped Kanye West Praises Nazis In Interview With Alex Jones: ‘I See Good Things About Hitler’

Kanye West incited anti-Semitism on Thursday with Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones by wearing a black hoodie that covered his face and head while praising Adolf Hitler.

“I see good things about Hitler, too,” the rapper, who has changed his legal name to Ye, told Jones on Thursday. “Everyone has value, especially Hitler, which he brought to the table.”

“I was thinking about Satan,” Ye continued. “Whether it’s the Zionists or Hitler, it’s not a person. Satan is using people who are controlled by demonic forces.”

You told Jones, “The Jewish media made us feel like the Nazis and Hitler never had anything of value to offer the world.”

“At the moment, all this is happening.”

You mentioned that Planned Parenthood engaged in “new world order population eugenics that continues to this day.”

The rapper then went on to read an anti-Semitic joke the comedian made about conservative commentator and podcast host Ben Shapiro.

“Shapiro can tell how much money you have in your pocket by ringing,” Ye read from his phone.

You launched an anti-Semitic diatribe that included jokes about Ben Shapiro as well as “Zionist” conspiracies about Planned Parenthood.
Information wars

You appeared with anti-Jewish conspiracy theorist Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist columnist.

Fuentes, who is working on Ye’s 2024 presidential campaign, accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of “coupling with Israel and the Mossad.”

“If I say something disparaging about the Mossad, is that a Moss-ginist?” You made a joke.

Jones pulled Yega back with relief and told him, “I think most Jews are great people. But I agree that there is a Jewish mafia.”

Jones added: “I’m not in this Jewish business.”

Ye replied that “his accounts were frozen” and he was threatened with jail time.

Jones accused Planned Parenthood of being an “abortion mill” that plays on “white guilt” to “help kill black people” by soliciting donations from white people.

“What kind of crazy crazy world is this?” Jones turned to Ye.

You answered: “Zionist.”

Earlier this week, Ye walked out of an interview with right-leaning podcaster Tim Poole after Poole challenged the rapper’s previous anti-Semitic insinuations about Jewish control of the media.

Before the controversial part of the interview, Ye talked about his financial situation.

He told Poole that the Internal Revenue Service had frozen four of his bank accounts because the rapper owed $50 million in back taxes to the federal government.

Fuentes and Ye had lunch with Donald Trump last week at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, sparking outrage.

Jones and Ye will meet for a few minutes before the interview begins on Thursday.
Jones and Ye will meet for a few minutes before the interview begins on Thursday.
Information wars

You’ve generated a huge amount of negative publicity over the past two months, which has cost it lucrative partnerships with top brands like Adidas and Gap.

Germany-based sportswear maker Adidas announced last week that it has launched an internal investigation into allegations that Ye, who worked with the company to sell Yeezy-brand clothing and shoes, showed pornographic material to employees.

Adidas cut ties with Ye last month after the rapper incited strange anti-Semitism on social media. Another corporate partner, Gap, which sold Ye’s clothing line, also dropped him after his heated remarks.

You and Adidas partnered in 2013 to market Yeezy shoes.

The company has come under fire for not parting ways with the former billionaire sooner, which many attributed to Morgan Stanley’s nearly $2 billion sale of Adidas shoes last year.

According to Forbes, the suspended partnership with Ye reduced his fortune from an estimated $2 billion to $400 million.


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