CBS might be getting in the POINTS! business with an @midnight reboot

Thomas Lennon, Whitney Cummings, and Nick Swardson @ Midnight Live
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Remember when Twitter was fun? When Facebook was a place for friends, Instagram was a place for lunch, and Twitter was a place for jokes?

CBS and Stephen Colbert certainly do. With the daunting task of finding something, anything funnier than James Corden to take over the soon-to-be vacant spot. The Late Late Show spot, CBS is trying to score some points (pronounced: Points!) with a reboot @Midnight, Reports deadline.

CBS reportedly chose the show among a host of other options after replacing James Corden. Angry restaurant goer leaves The Late Late Show After this year. While that should give Corden plenty of time to send her eggs back, it leaves CBS with a hole in its late-night offering. More still, the company is trying to save costs by cutting its budget. The Late Late Show From $60 million annually to $35 million. The easiest way to do this, get some comedians who will work for peanuts to produce content for cheap. Did we mention the original producer? Funny or die Also involved? However, it doesn’t look like host Chris Hardwick will be joining the show. Maybe he’ll come back to host Talking @ midnightone @Midnight– based recap and talk show.

Launched in 2013, the two-time Emmy winner @Midnight was an alt-comedy game show that brought together up-and-coming comedians and industry experts to perform Internet-based improv games on Comedy Central. The games will combine meme crafting and online joke competitions, such as “hashtag wars,” where contestants and people on Twitter can create pennies based on hashtags. If they won, Chris Hardwick arbitrarily. Points! While the people at home could watch his jokes on TV. With most still seeing hashtags as love, use and respect, we see no reason to update the game.

Stephen Colbert is said to be preparing for it. @Midnight As far as the stack of TV shows he’s been producing over the past few years, including Tuning out the news, Fairview, Our cartoon presidentAnd Charlemagne had a hell of a week with God. Meanwhile, James Corden will be leaving his spot. The Late Late Show By the end of this year, the first time James Corden has stepped down from the job.

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