Charlotte Flair fans claim they were given opportunities in the WWE


Charlotte Flair is going through a rough patch in the WWE. When she recently lost to Becky Lynch in Survivor Series PPV, Flair is still looking forward to her time in the WWE. When there were rumors about Flair’s expulsion in the WWE, her further participation solved them.

Flair is a 12-time female champion in the WWE and he wants to achieve even more. In an interview at The Masked Man Show, Flair expressed that he was not much liked by WWE viewers and explained the background of the current situation.

I don’t think people will appreciate me now. Until something or someone goes, they don’t realize they have it. And when I am gone, I will never descend as great as a man or woman.

Former WWE Champion Becky Lynch was caught talking about the disagreement between the two. Flair responded by saying he would never go out of his way to put others down. She said that she was not self-made and people would follow her every day and everything was handed to her. However, she did show an outgoing attitude by saying she was doing the WWE no favors.

What I don’t get down on others is that I know how to tear down every day. Every day, someone wants to snatch up my success. Oh, it was handed to her. Oh, it was given to her. Oh, she is the daughter of Ric Flair. Oh, she’s political. All these things. If my last name was not Flair, no one would admit that I was still the best athlete, man or woman in this company.

Flair is mocked at the statement that her last name would define her career. The WWE Superstar said that fans can think of anything they want, but it’s a blessing and a burden to her. She said her name does not define the challenges she will face behind the scenes.

Since I am Flair, I am automatically the daughter of Rick Flair because he automatically thinks I can go to Vince’s office and say ‘I want to do this today’. If so, don’t you think I had more than 8 seconds of title in Money in the Bank a couple of years ago?

Charlotte Flair is one of the biggest WWE divas ever. While she was engaged in a real-life quarrel with Becky Lynch, Big E left the two. Lynch has recently claimed that her friendship with Charlotte Flair is beyond repair. Whatever they are, Flair seems positive to climb again, no matter what.

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November 23, 2021 3:48 pm


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