Chris Rock has compared Chris Farley to Michael Jordan and called the late comedian “not a hater.”

Chris Rock praised the late comedian Chris Farley in an interview with David Spade and Dana Kervey on the Fly on the Wall podcast, comparing him to the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

“No one has ever competed with Farley,” Rock said of his “Saturday Night Live” co-star.

“He’s Michael Jordan and bring him the ball.”

Farley has been hailed by many as one of the greatest cast members on “SNL,” while Jordan recently won the MVP award for his impact on the sport in the NBA.


Chris Rock compared the late Chris Farley to basketball player Michael Jordan in an interview with Dana Kervey and David Spade.
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Rock admitted the show was a “competitive environment,” but he “never felt that competition,” especially with Farley.

Rock expanded, saying he never questioned why Farley was getting opportunities that he or others couldn’t. Rock admitted that Farley’s success was “because he’s better than you.”

The two co-starred on “SNL” from 1990 to 1993. Farley remained in the program until 1995, dying of a drug overdose two years later.

“He had a way of walking into a funny life, not knowing how he got there, like in his shoes,” Rock said of the late star, before adding wistfully: “Ah, f—ing the guy is gone.”

In 1991, Tim Meadows starred as Chris Rock and Chris Farley in the sketch I’m Chillin’ for SNL.
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Carvey and Spade also praised Farley. The two are devoting two episodes of their podcast to the 25th anniversary of Farley’s death on December 18th.

Spade recalls his final compliment to Farley, explaining, “I said, ‘I really think you’re better than him.’ [John] Belushi.'”

Spade also mentioned to The Rock that Farley was always “in awe of literally every other actor,” but in reality, most people on set might be thinking, “Wait, you’re cool, dude.” .

David Spade, Chris Rock and Chris Farley were photographed together in 1993.

David Spade, Chris Rock and Chris Farley were photographed together in 1993.

Simply put, Rock “warmed up” to the late star and was “not hateful.”

“He’s always himself, you know what I mean,” Rock said to Spade and Kervy. “In a good way … he didn’t have to, you know, get into character or anything. He was just funny … and you just bought it, whoever he was playing.”

Reflecting on Farley’s career, if he hadn’t died too early, Rock might have continued the versatility of his colleague and friend Adam Sandler, who recently played him in more dramatic roles than his usual comedic characters. , he thinks. In 2019, in the film “Uncut Pearls”.

“Wow, what would this guy do?” Rock asked on the podcast.

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