Chrissy Teigen Shares C-Section Photo To Prove She Didn’t Use Surrogate For Baby Esti

Chrissy Teigen, the model and television personality, recently shared a personal photo on Instagram to combat rumors that she used a surrogate for the birth of her daughter, Esti.

In the photo, Teigen is seen lying on a hospital bed, holding her newborn daughter, with a large bandage on her lower abdomen, indicating that she had a cesarean section. Along with the photo, she wrote a candid and emotional caption, explaining her decision to share the photo.

“I know people might not think it’s the prettiest thing in the world, but I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re the only ones going through it,” she wrote. “It’s also important to me to show the realities of childbirth, and the aftermath.”

Teigen has been vocal in the past about her struggles with fertility and pregnancy complications, and has previously opened up about undergoing IVF treatments to conceive her two children. However, rumors had circulated that she had used a surrogate for Esti’s birth, which Teigen adamantly denied.

In her Instagram post, Teigen addressed the rumors head on, writing, “For the people who are insisting that I’m using a surrogate, if you wanna feel incredibly rude, making assumptions, and then never looking at my uterus again, that’s cool too.”

The photo has received an outpouring of support from Teigen’s followers, with many praising her for sharing such a personal and vulnerable moment. The post has also sparked a wider conversation about the stigma surrounding cesarean sections and the pressure on women to have “natural” births.

Teigen’s decision to share the photo is not only a personal one, but also serves as a powerful reminder that childbirth and motherhood are not always glamorous, and that it’s okay to share the messy and difficult parts of the journey.

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