Christina Applegate Reflects On Learning Her MS Diagnosis While Filming The Final Season Of ‘Dead To Me’

Christina Applegate revealed she had multiple sclerosis while filming the third and final season of her Netflix show Dead To Me.

During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Wednesday, the 51-year-old actress revealed that she had been dealing with serious health issues before her diagnosis.

“Filming the show was the hardest thing I’ve ever done because I was diagnosed while filming and I didn’t know it was happening to me,” Applegate told Clarkson, 40.

“I couldn’t walk. They had to use a wheelchair to get me in. I was freaking out until someone said, ‘You need an MRT.’

Christina Applegate learned of her MS diagnosis while filming the final season of Dead To Me.
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CHRISTINA APPLEGATE has revealed her ‘Dead to Me’ role could be her last due to an MS diagnosis

“And then on Monday after work I found out I have MS, you know, I’m going to be sick for the rest of my life.”

Looking back, the “Married… With Children” alum realized she had warning signs for years that she was suffering from a chronic disease that affects the brain and central nervous system.

“I started thinking about the last four years and I had very little symptoms,” he said. The Emmy winner added that she thought it was important for people to know.

“Let’s not all be hypochondriacs and run to the doctor when we get a weak leg,” Applegate said. “But it happened four years ago when we were on set and I was like, ‘I’m just tired, you know?’

“So it showed up until it got worse like it did a few years ago.”

Applegate spoke candidly about the moment she learned of her diagnosis.

“Can I just say it sucked the ball?” he asked Clarkson, who replied, “Yeah, you can say whatever you want.”

The actress said that after suffering from a chronic illness, she had to use a wheelchair as she could not walk.

The actress said that after suffering from a chronic illness, she had to use a wheelchair as she could not walk.
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In August 2021, the “Anchorman” star revealed that she was diagnosed with MS a few months ago. The last season of Dead to Me was suspended for about five months while he began treatment.

“I was diagnosed while we were working and I had to call everybody and say, ‘I have multiple sclerosis, guys. So what the f—!” he told Variety last month.

“And then it was about kind of learning—we all learned—what I had to be capable of. It had to be cold, because heat is our kryptonite. You can’t work those 18-hour days, you know? It’s was impossible.”


According to the actress, the cast and crew rallied around her and were “very kind.”

“If I called them in the morning and thought, ‘Guys, I can’t get down the stairs,’ they’d say, ‘Okay! We won’t do it today. We’ll do other things.’

On November 14, Applegate was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On November 14, Applegate was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
(Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

In early November, Applegate told The New York Times that she has gained 40 pounds since her diagnosis and can no longer walk without the use of a cane.

“It’s the first time someone has seen me like this. I’m 40 pounds overweight; I can’t walk without a cane. I want people to know that I’m very aware of all of this,” she said. “I don’t care if people hate it, if people love it, if they’re going, ‘Oh, look at the lame.’ don’t cross it.'”

On November 14, Applegate was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony was originally planned to take place in 2020 his first public appearance Since being diagnosed with MS.

In an interview with Variety, Applegate said that the role of Jen Harding in the popular series may be her last acting job.

“Jen Harding – who knows, I might play in the last game. Because of my illness, I don’t know how capable I am,” he said.

“But it was a gift. It was a gift to me.”

The final season of Dead to Me premiered on Neflix on November 17th.

Last week, it was announced that Applegate will star alongside Brendan Fraser in a virtual table reading of the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life.

The Ed Asner Family Center’s 2022 virtual table reading of It’s a Wonderful Life will be hosted by Tom Bergeron and honor Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.

Fraser will play George Bailey, originally portrayed by Jimmy Stewart in the 1946 film, while Applegate will take on the role of his wife Mary, played by Donna Reed.

The star-studded cast also includes Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, JK Simmons, Jean Smart, Ken Jeong, Jim Beaver, Brent Spiner, Phil LaMarr, Chelsea Darnell and Ben Mankiewicz.

The event will be held on December 11th at 5:00 pm and proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Ed Asner Family Center, which supports individuals with special needs and their families.

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