Christina Haack does ‘brutal’ parasite, heavy metal cleanse amid health issues

Christina Heck gave fans a “quick health update” after announcing she had been diagnosed with mercury and lead poisoning.

The “Flip or Flop” alum revealed on her Instagram Story on Tuesday that she recently underwent a series of invasive tests to find out why she’s been dealing with “some obscure health-related stuff for years.” Is.

“I was on a mission to get to the bottom of what was going on and I did an expensive and very extensive panel and I got all my results back,” Hack, 39, said.

The reality star explained that the tests looked for “100 different types of molds, metals and bacteria” but her “highest levels of toxicity came back as abnormal amounts of gut bacteria … like sebum and parasites.” too.”

Christina Heck Selfie Video.
Christina Heck revealed on Instagram that she found out she had parasites and “abnormal” gut bacteria.
Christina Hall/Instagram

“So those are my biggest terms and then after that, obviously, I have a little bit of heavy metal going on as well,” he continued. “So I’m on a cleanse – and a parasite cleanse – but I hear it gets worse before it gets better. It’s brutal but I’m hoping I’ll feel better in the end.

Heck made sure to clarify that he had cleared all the lab work despite his doctor – as well as the biofeedback tests he had done, which showed he had lead and mercury poisoning.

The 39-year-old shared her findings with her 1.8 million Instagram followers.

Medical paperwork

The 39-year-old shared her findings with her 1.8 million Instagram followers.


He first revealed the diagnosis last month, saying it was “most likely” caused by “all the gross houses I’ve been in (all bad flips).”

Despite the scary results, “Christina on the Coast” used “herbs and IVs” to “detox” and said she could “definitely feel it working.”

Filming HGTV's 'Flip or Flop'
The “Flip or Flop” alum believes he got mercury and lead poisoning from years of renovating old homes.
Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Now that Heck is on the road to recovery, she can focus on spending more time with her three children — Hudson, 3, Braden, 7, and Taylor, 12 — after her bitter custody battle with ex Ant Anstead. After determining the

The two-year-old, who welcomed Hudson during their two-year marriage, agreed to “joint legal and joint physical custody” in November 2022.

Christina Heck cuddles up with son Hudson.
Heck recently settled his custody battle with ex Ant Anstead over their son Hudson.
Christina Hall/Instagram

With the legal battle over, Hack told PEOPLE earlier this month that it “feels good” to finally have a “settled” family unit with now-husband Josh Hall.

“We just have a real partnership, real teamwork. We have the same goals as far as everything we want for our future and our end game,” the HGTV star said.

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