Christine and the Queens sitting on the crescent moon to read a CBeebies bedtime story

Christine and the Queens have been announced as one of the names for the bedtime story on CBeebies over the Christmas period.

The artist reads guardian of the moon, picture book that tells the story of a polar bear who starts working on a job. While other celebrities usually read the bedtime story from the CBeebies studios, Chris will be at London’s Royal Festival Hall instead. where he sits on a hanging crescent reading a story [via BBC MediaCentre]. It’s probably his first month as his new alter ego Redcar, part of his recent tour set.

Christine and the Queens Bedtime Story will air on New Year’s Day.

Other celebrities have also been announced for the popular children’s TV segment – Kate Winslet will read on December 19, while Tom Hardy will return to the program on December 21 after making his first appearance last Christmas. Meanwhile, Richard E. Grant on December 23rd, Justin Fletcher (aka Mr. Tumble) on Christmas Eve and Task line Vicky McClure reads bedtime stories on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve respectively.

In May, Harry Styles stopped by the BBC studio for a reading In every house on every streett. Dolly Parton, Elton John, Dave Grohl and Robbie Williams have previously read bedtime stories on the show.

Christine and the Queens
Christine and the Queens present Redcar. CREDIT: YouTube/Jools Holland

Last month, Christine And The Queens released their new album Redcar les adorables étoiles, followed by a tour. In a five-star review of his show in Paris, NME wrote: “Chris didn’t just take his listeners by the neck tonight: he turned his blood into ours, his passion into ours and his anguish into ours. If only we could always stay in the fantastical and surreal anti-logic of Redcar’s world.

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