Christine Brown Spends Time With All 5 Daughters At Gwendlyn’s Engagement Party: Photo

Gwendolyn Brown21, celebrated their engagement Beatriz Keroz February 5 with a small gathering Sister wives The star joined her mother, Christine Brownand four sistersIsabel Brown, 19, Michaelty Brown, 26, Really brown12, and Aspen BrownAt the event, all five of Brown’s girls, 27, took a photo together for the occasion and Christine posted it on Instagram.

“What a wonderful weekend spent with my daughters!” He beat. “We went to Gwen’s and Bea’s engagement party and it was great celebrating them.” Michaelti cradled her newborn twins in the photo, while 12-year-old Sachi showed off her new look with turquoise hair and stickers on her arms. Christine and her ex, Cody BrownShare it son Padden Brown24, who did not turn up for the event.

Gwendolyn also marked the occasion on her Instagram. “Engagement party pictures with our bridesmaids and sisters,” she wrote. In the first photo of her carousel, she posed with Ysabel, Beatriz and Vanessa Call, which implies that Ysabel is Gwen’s Maid of Honor. Gwendolyn got engaged again in December.

The fun comes after the season 17 finale of Family Reunion. Sister wiveswhich featured Christine officially leaving Cody. As the season began in 2021, Christine shared her decision with Cody. She also eventually decided that she and Frankly would separate from Cody and the other sister-wives in Arizona to be closer to some of their grown daughters in Utah. Christine and Cody announced their separation in the fall of 2021, shortly after he made the move. The season aired almost a year later.

Christine has said that she feels more supported in Utah, where she is closer to her family members who spend more time with her and frankly than Cody. After leaving her family, Cody also fell apart. Mary Brown And Janelle Brownwhich leaves Robin Brown As the only wife still attached to Cody. She and Cody are legally married, while he was only spiritually married to the other three women.

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