Chuu released his first post-LOONA single “Dear My Winter” with KR&B singer George

Former LOONA singer Chuu has collaborated with South Korean R&B singer George to release a Christmas song titled “Dear My Winter”.

On December 5 at 6:00 p.m., Chuu and George released a cozy music video for their collaborative track “Dear Winter.” The song was also released digitally at the same time. The new seasonal single is the latest in the “Song for You” series released by South Korean department store Lotte, which Chuu is currently promoting.

The new image shows the pair singing on top of a comfy sofa inside a lively living room with a fireplace, Christmas tree and candles.

My dear winter, on a warm winter’s day / It’s been a while since I met you again / This street full of bright lights / I want to walk with you,” they sing in harmony in a loose, jazzy chorus.

“Dear Winter” is Chuu’s last solo release this year, following his August single “One and a Half,” a remake of Korean pop group TWO TWO’s 1994 debut single of the same name. He also collaborated with frontman BI on the song “Lullaby” in June.

The seasonal track is also Chuu’s first music release since being released from K-pop girl group LOONA in November. News of the singer’s departure was first reported by Blockberry Creative, who claimed that the idol was “fired and removed” from the group and agency due to his “violent remarks and abuse of power” towards his staff. did

Blockberry Creative did not provide any evidence to support its claims, adding in a follow-up statement that “it is the rights of Chuu himself and the affected employees to present the truth or evidence. [the incident]”.

Chuu later personally addressed his suspension from LOONA for the first time on November 28 via his Instagram story. “As I have not received any communication regarding these situations or know anything about them, I am now understanding the situation. But I am sure that I have not done anything to embarrass my fans,” he wrote.

“In the future, as my position is settled, I will share another statement. Thank you very much for your concern and trust in me,” said Chuu.

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