CNN host Chris Licht agreed to let HLN know about the bloodshed during the bloodbath

CNN boss Chris Licht has axed sister network HLN and canceled all live programming as part of ongoing layoffs and budget cuts.

Licht has axed HLN’s “Morning Express with Robin Mead” as well as “Weekend Express,” he announced Thursday in a memorial to CNN’s remaining staff.

Meade and HLN’s live news programming staff will be among those laid off.

Also on Thursday, prominent CNN reporters Alison Kosik, Martin Savage, Alex Field, Mary Ann Fox and Chris Cillizza received their pink slips. According to Varete.

CNN declined to comment on the total number of job cuts, The Post reported.

But Licht also targeted staff working on long-form stories, as well as paid contributors.

“In some areas, we rely more heavily on our CNN reporters,” Licht said in a memo. “In general, we bring in subject matter experts who broaden and diversify the perspectives we bring to the audience.”

Licht, who announced he will hold a town hall Tuesday, explained the restructuring in a memo.

CNN chief Licht is expected to announce a new daytime lineup in the coming days as part of the network’s restructuring.
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“During our strategic review, our goal was to better align our people, processes and resources with our future priorities, strengthen CNN’s ability to deliver on its core journalistic mission, and allow us to innovate in the years ahead,” Licht wrote in his memoir. . “At the highest level, our goal is to focus our resources on providing the best service and growing audiences for our core news programming and products.”

Licht is also expected to reveal details of the new daytime lineup for CNN in the coming days, as sources wonder about the future of high-paid anchors Briana Keiler, John Berman, Chris Wallace, Kasie Hunt and Audie Cornish.

Those anchors aren’t on the chopping block, but could find homes in open programming spots, a source familiar with the matter said.

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Robin Mead

HLN’s Morning Express anchor Robin Meade was let go Thursday.

Alison Kosik

Alison Kosik has been released from the network.

Chris Cillizza

Chris Cillizza was also canned from CNN.

Martin Savage

Martin Savidge received notice to release him.

Alexandra Field

Alexandra Field was a popular journalist for the network.

Mary Ann Fox

Mary Ann Fox has been relieved of her duties at CNN.

Licht confirmed that starting Dec. 6, CNN will no longer produce live programming for HLN, officially known as Headline News, and will instead simulcast “CNN This Morning.”

HLN’s crime programming operates under Kathleen Finch’s WBD Networks and is syndicated with the ID cable channel.

As for CNN, one media source said Licht is still facing major challenges after the cuts. Not only is he tasked with boosting the third-ranked network’s ratings, but he’s also tasked with reshaping its daytime and primetime lineups and leaving CNN’s vital 9 p.m., which is still open at the end of 2021 after disgraced anchor Chris Cuomo was fired. he should fill his house.

Licht, who took the helm in May after Jeff Zucker was ousted for failing to disclose his relationship with a co-worker, has also tried to shake up CNN’s opinion-focused show culture.

CNN World Headquarters
Sources said Licht’s spending cuts will be largely complete by the end of the week.
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“People should walk in Chris Licht’s shoes,” said one media insider, adding that Zucker “got off easy.”

“If Zucker was still around, he would have left town by now,” the source added.

Licht’s search for cost-cutting has led to corporate parent Warner Bros. Discovery comes as AT&T has pledged to cut $3 billion in spending to Wall Street after buying the assets of the company formerly known as WarnerMedia.

Warner Bros., which owns HBO and the Food Network. Discovery said in a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it would have to spend between $1 billion and $1.5 billion to pay severance packages and cancel programs it had already launched.

The media conglomerate also said it expects to take a potential write-off of more than $4 billion in pre-tax charges through 2022.


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