Colorado grandmother Ruby Johnson is suing the police officer who ordered a SWAT raid on her home

An elderly Colorado grandmother is suing a Denver police detective for ordering a home invasion because of a mistaken ping from her iPhone finder app.

A SWAT team stormed the Montebello home of 77-year-old Ruby Johnson after a serious misunderstanding about how to use a handy Apple app. claim The filing was filed Wednesday by the ACLU of Colorado.

On Jan. 4, at least eight officers in full body armor raided Johnson’s home and searched for several stolen items, including six firearms and an iPhone.

Johnson’s suit was Gary Staab, lead detective on the swamp raid.

The complaint alleges that Staab used a “hastily prepared, barefaced, false statement” to obtain a warrant and conduct an “illegal search” of Johnson’s home.

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In January, Johnson’s home was raided by at least eight officers wearing full body armor and carrying assault rifles.
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He is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages — and is suing Staab “in his individual capacity,” according to the filing.

Police are searching for a stolen truck that contained four semi-automatic handguns, a tactical military-style rifle, a revolver, two drones, an old iPhone 11 and $4,000 in cash.

Body camera footage from that day showed a distraught Johnson being ordered outside his home in a bathrobe.

Ruby Johnson is pictured during a home invasion
Officers ordered the Colorado grandmother to put on a robe and leave her home.
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Staab ordered the raid on Johnson’s home after speaking with the owner of the stolen car, who said he used the Find My iPhone app and saw his phone ping Johnson’s address the day it was stolen.

A screenshot from the app later revealed that the phone “pinged” somewhere near Johnson’s home and did not provide an exact location. Although he did not have an exact location, Staab said the stolen items were at Johnson’s home.

The complaint alleges that Staab’s affidavit violated Johnson’s right “not to be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure” and that there was “no probable cause to believe criminal evidence” was found in Johnson’s home because the Find My iPhone app did not show a ping. exact location.

“Importantly, if the location of the device cannot be determined accurately, the user will see a blue circle around the device marker on the map. The size of the blue circle indicates how accurately the location of the device can be determined. For example, the larger the circle; the greater the error,” the complaint states.

described the complaint against the detective
The complaint alleges a profound misunderstanding of how to use Apple’s Find My iPhone app.
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home invasion is depicted
The complaint alleges that Staab did not do additional police work to verify his claims that the stolen iPhone was at Johnson’s home.
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“This blue circle covered an area covering at least six different properties and parts of four different blocks. [redacted] Street.”

The complaint also alleges that Staab did not employ additional police to independently verify that the phone and other stolen items were at Johnson’s home.

“Under an illegal warrant, Denver police arrived at the home of 77-year-old Ms. Johnson, who lives alone, using unnecessary force,” the ACLU said in a statement.

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Ruby Johnson in a police car

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday by the ACLU of Colorado.

Ruby Johnson Raid

The complaint alleges that Staab’s statement violated Johnson’s right “to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Ruby Johnson Raid

A screenshot from the app showed the phone “pinging” near Johnson’s home and not giving an exact location.

Johnson opened the door to a bulldozer and an armored personnel carrier parked on his front lawn before officers entered his home in uniform.

“Both Ms. Johnson and her home of 40 years have wounds that have not healed since that day. Johnson no longer feels safe in his home. Due to the extreme stress and anxiety caused by the illegal search, he suffered health problems.”

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