Connecticut Dems seek to block teachers’ sexuality discussions with kids from FOIA: ‘State-sponsored grooming’

Connecticut state lawmakers introduced a bill that, if enacted into law, would bar FOIA from obtaining teachers’ conversations with children about “sensitive subjects.”

“An Act Relating to the Non-Disclosure of Certain Communications Between Teachers and Students” was proposed by Democratic state representatives Sarah Catt, Dominique Johnson, Christine McCarthy Wahey and Jennifer Lepper.

It would amend Connecticut’s general statutes to exclude discussions of race, sexuality and gender identity from FOIA requests.

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From left: Democratic Reps. Jennifer Lepper, Christine McCarthy-Wahey, Sarah Catt, and Dominique Johnson. (|iStock)

Proposed Bill 6192, introduced in January, aims to “require public school teachers to discuss with students sensitive topics, such as sexual orientation, gender identity and race, that occur during school activities.” was to protect against FOIA requests related to communications. activities.”

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Nicole Solas of the Independent Women’s Forum was the first to flag the legislation, calling it “state-sponsored grooming”.

State representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Teachers across the country have openly said they are bringing discussions of gender identity and sexuality into their classrooms.

Skye Tooley, a teacher at Saturn Street Elementary, is located in Los Angeles Unified School District, TikTok has been discussed using a “gender fluid” stuffed animal to teach children about pronouns and being non-binary. Gender fluidity refers to changes in a person’s gender expression or gender identity, or both, over time.

Teacher Sky Tully uses stuffed animals to teach children about pronouns and gender identity.

Teacher Sky Tully uses stuffed animals to teach children about pronouns and gender identity. (Screenshot/Tik Tok)

“It’s a llama unicorn… I thought it would be so cute to name my kids llama unicorns. It was a mistake. So this is a little llama. Gender fluid; We will practice pronouns with this little llama,” Tully said.

“[Children] Very ready for these topics, and on the way. More receptive than adults when it comes to… sex, gender stereotypes, pronouns, all that stuff. And it’s developmentally appropriate and age appropriate for children,” the teacher said.

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Tully offers another example of a stuffed animal. They/them pronouns.

“I started talking. [to students] About Norbert Narwhal … who use they/them pronouns, and we practice making mistakes with their pronouns as well as correcting them.”

Another teacher in the Sacramento City Unified District, Danetta McCray recommends using “sexual unicorn”. With children to introduce gender theory.

“Now, early childhood is 0 to 8 years old, so it’s like preschool through third grade… and the focus of this workshop… is to give you positive strategies to support transgender and Gender Nonconforming ChildrenMcCray said in a video. I have researched. I have it Doctoral certificate. Five-year-olds aren’t too young. Children understand gender at the age of three.”

Some teachers have admitted to helping students hide their gender transition from their parents. Social transition is the first step for transgender children. This includes adopting new names, pronouns, changing them. Clothes and haircuts Preferred gender expression.

Oh Maryland teacher – Lynne Cogdle – admitted to intentionally hiding students’ gender transitions on TikTok, “especially from parents.”

According to her website, Lynne Cogdle works at Silver Spring International Middle School in the Montgomery County Public School District. The teacher uses “Ze/Zer,” “He/She” and “He/She” pronouns.

Cogdle explained that when students question their gender, the teacher will ask them for their name and pronoun and help. Hide it from school administrators and parents. On request.

Market war, anti-capitalist science teacher from Minneapolis, revealed that he used a survey. which allows students to hide gender identity transitions in their classrooms.

The Minnesota teacher, Mandi Jung, previously admitted to giving students a gender identity survey.

The Minnesota teacher, Mandi Jung, previously admitted to giving students a gender identity survey. (iStock | Screenshot/TikTok)

Students asked questions about them. Preferred Pronouns and Namesand whether they can be used when speaking directly to the student’s parents.

And A California teacher Olivia Garrison brags about helping students hide their social changes from their parents. It turned out that Garrison, a 9th grade history teacher, worked at Del Oro High School in the Kern High School District.

“My job, which is a public service, is to protect children… sometimes, they need protection from their parents,” Garrison told The New York Times.

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