Conor McGregor is ‘all in’ after the passionate defense of Manchester United boss


UFC Superstar and Man United fans took to Twitter to launch Soulsager’s passionate defense and give them an insight into current issues at Old Trafford.

He wrote on Twitter: “The problem with United is that it’s just a bunch of young people talking to each other.

“You need someone above the group chat to hold the helm. Ronaldo was on the bench while playing.

The Irishman, who posted another tweet shortly afterwards, expressed his desire to see Ole leaving the club – which clearly infuriated McGregor.

In true McGregor fashion, the mixed martial arts fighter happily shut down a fan who posted “So Ole Out”, replying, “Your mother and your birds are out.”

But despite being in the “All In” camp, McGregor seems to want a more experienced voice in the club, suggesting that Soulsjerger wants to step away from his managerial role but is still involved as a coach.

Soulszare is under intense pressure after a worrisome fall in Liverpool’s 5-0 draw at the hands of the club on Sunday.

It was reported that Ole had been given three matches to save his job, starting with a trip to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the game against Spurs on Saturday.

United then turned their attention to the Champions League for the return match in Atlanta on November 2, before hosting Manchester City at Old Trafford on November 6.

The future of the baby-faced assassin is currently very much in balance and the next couple of weeks will be key for him.



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