Cops search for ‘Prince Charming’ who ditched shoes after shoplifting

This time, Cinderella didn’t lose her glass slipper.

Police in Oregon have announced they are looking for “Prince Charming” who left his shoes at the crime scene.

The Sandy Police Department said the male suspect dropped his shoes while fleeing after a “beer run” at a local convenience store.

“Like a classic Cinderella story, Sandy PD is searching for a ‘Prince Charming’ who left his shoe behind while fleeing a ‘beer run’ at a local convenience store,” the Sandy Police Department wrote on Dec. 5. Facebook post.

“Beer runs” is the name given to a specific type of robbery in which a person enters a store or supermarket, grabs beer, and then runs without paying for the alcohol.

Police then shared a photo of the shoes found at the crime scene — a pair of pale pink and red Nike Air Force 1s.

One of the shoes has a red shoelace and the other has a white shoelace. Both shoes are pictured in a plastic proof bag.

A pair of Nike Air Force 1s were left behind after the suspect fled the scene during a shoplifting robbery.
Sandy Police Department

Officials with the Sandy Police Department have not released any additional information about the suspect. It is also unknown when the crime took place and where in the city it took place.

Located 27 miles east of Portland, Sandy also serves as the western gateway to the Mount Hood Corridor.

Oregon classifies theft crimes based on the value of the property stolen and, in some cases, the type of property stolen. The Oregon Attorney General’s Office allows criminal and civil penalties for shoplifting.


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