Critics slam Canada’s new national crown that replaced Christian imagery with snowflake as the ‘Trudeau crown’

Canada’s new national crown, which replaced Christian imagery with a snowflake design, has received criticism from some quarters, with the design being labeled the “Trudeau crown.”

The crown was commissioned by the Canadian government to mark the country’s 150th anniversary and features a stylized snowflake design instead of the traditional Christian cross. The design was intended to be more inclusive and representative of Canada’s diverse population.

However, critics have accused the government of erasing Canada’s Christian heritage and pandering to political correctness. Some have also pointed out the striking similarity between the new crown and the logo of the Liberal Party of Canada, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Social media users have taken to calling the crown the “Trudeau crown” and accusing the prime minister of using taxpayer money to promote his own political agenda.

In response, the Canadian government has defended the design, saying that it represents a modern and inclusive Canada. The government has also pointed out that the new crown was created with input from Indigenous leaders and that it incorporates traditional Indigenous motifs.

Despite the controversy, the new crown has been well-received by many Canadians, who see it as a symbol of the country’s diversity and inclusivity. The crown has also been praised for its striking design and for its incorporation of Indigenous elements.

Critics, however, remain unconvinced, with some calling for the new crown to be scrapped and replaced with a more traditional design. Others have suggested that the controversy is simply a distraction from more pressing issues facing the country, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery.

Regardless of the controversy, the new national crown is sure to remain a symbol of Canada’s identity and history, and a point of pride for many Canadians.

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