D.C.-area Turkish community launches fundraising effort for quake victims


Turkish-Americans living in the Washington area and immigrants from the country have started a fundraising campaign for earthquake victims.

Sitaki Kazanci, president of the American Turkish Association of Washington, D.C., said Tuesday that his organization has raised $30,000 so far, including clothes, blankets, diapers and other items for Istanbul.

“Honestly, the situation is very bad,” said Czansi, adding that he is trying to find corporate donors. “Thirty thousand is nothing.”

Like many other Turkish-Americans, Kazanci said his family in the southern part of Turkey is still the hardest hit. A sister and her family have been sheltering in their car since early Monday after evacuating their building, he said.

“They haven’t. [internet] No connection, no water, no heat, no electricity,” he said. “They need immediate help. International Assistance.”

Kazanchi said his organization is contacting the Turkish embassy to collect donations.

On Monday, embassies Posted a message on your website It said it would collect blankets, clothes and other supplies and fly them to Turkey “quickly and in a priority manner,” and that donors would be asked to clear the items with a list of their contents. Store in bags.

Non-Turkish groups have also launched fundraising efforts. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington began accepting monetary donations through its website on Monday.

“As a Jewish community, it is our sacred responsibility to respond,” Federation Chief Executive Gil Preuss said in a statement.

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