Damning footage shows Casemiro Carlo Ancelotti asking if he should intentionally take a yellow card


Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro appeared last night to ask Carlo Ancelotti whether he should try to get a yellow card, and the footage was captured on camera.

The 13-time European champion defeated Sheriff 3-0 at home, with David Alaba, Tony Cruz and Kareem Benzema aiming for a day-long victory.

But the most controversial moment came when Casemiro was not the highlight of the celebration and went on to score the third goal.

Instead, he landed directly on the touchline with a frown on his face and his hand. The Brazilian seems to be wondering if his manager wants to book him on purpose.

Ancelotti shakes her head and says, “No.”

Casemiro was a yellow card away from the suspension and was banned for the final group stage match against Inter Milan.

However, bookings are refreshed to the knockout stages and so Casemiro was available for match 16.

Casemiro was replaced six minutes before Antonio Blanco in the Group D clash.

Of course Ancelotti did not admit it and Casemiro asked for a replacement but said doubts had already arisen.



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