D’Arcy Carden says it was “easier” playing the love interest of longtime friend Abbi Jacobson in A League Of Their Own

In a new Interview with D’Arcy Corden, The AV ClubSaloni Gujar had an important question: When? A league of their own To be renewed? Corden couldn’t answer (“I think everybody’s positive, everybody feels good about it”) but she what reveal what it’s like to play the love interest of her good friend, Abby Jacobson (whom Corden sang the birthday song to).

“Playing love interests with your friend is a little funny. But playing love interests with a stranger is also a little funny! So I don’t know what’s better or worse or what, Carden thought.. “It became so easy. You know, once we got over the laughs, like, ‘We’re gonna kiss? You gonna put your tongue in my mouth?’ Once we got the hang of that thing, it was just easy, and we—it was like, all we had to do was make it really easy.

Relationship The co-stars were already there. Each other actually made it “easier” than usual, Cardin said, because there was “a level of familiarity” between them that they didn’t have to keep checking in to make sure “‘Is this okay?’ ? Is that right?”

Locking lips with an old friend wasn’t the only new experience. A league of their own; The character was a departure from the norm The roles played by Carden. So far. What it taught him, he explained, is that “it’s okay to be scared. Like, it doesn’t have to be comfortable. … It’s easier to play what you know, and what you love.” , good, or what’s in your wheelhouse. But sometimes it’s really rewarding to do things that feel scary.

“Actually — I mean, I’ve done that many times. I’m doing that. now” she added, revealing that the night before she was just talking about an occasion that scared her. “I was like, ‘Okay, I just answered the question. Now I have to do it.”

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