Davante Adams recruiting Aaron Rodgers to Raiders for reunion: ‘That’s my guy’

Raiders receiver Davante Adams’ recruiting pitch to bring Aaron Rodgers to Las Vegas is simple.

“I am here [in Las Vegas]” Adams said Sunday.

Rodgers, whose Packers missed the postseason this year, is at the center of a storyline that could potentially see him traded to multiple teams, one of which is the Raiders.

Adams caught passes from the 39-year-old signal caller for eight seasons before being traded to Las Vegas last year. The star receiver, however, would love a reunion — and he’s already going through the recruiting process.

“Duh. Why wouldn’t anybody do that. 100 percent,” Adams told NFL Network about recruiting Rodgers. “Obviously it’s my boy. Wishful thinking but we’ll see what happens.

Deonte Adams

Davante Adams recently completed his first season with the Raiders.

Aaron Rogers

Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers is uncertain.


Devonte Adams, left, and Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams, left, and Aaron Rodgers played eight seasons together with the Packers.

Deonte Adams

Davante Adams revealed he is recruiting Aaron Rodgers.


The Raiders plan to move on from Derek Carr, who was Adams’ quarterback this past season. Adams said she doesn’t have “total control” of the situation but is still optimistic about the two’s relationship.

“I control the things I can,” Adams said of the car. “That’s not going to stop us from being really good friends at the end of the day… He might not be my quarterback but he’s still one of my best friends for life. We’re brothers.”

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