David Harbour & Lily Allen Give Fans A Tour Of Their ‘Weird & Wonderful’ Brooklyn Townhome: Watch

Cozy and chic is definitely one way to describe the actor’s home. David Harbor47, and singer Lily Allen37. The celebrity power couple opened their own Brooklyn pad. Architectural Digest On February 1, David was seen at a basketball game with Lily’s daughter, a month later. to kill, 10, on January 4. Showing off his lavish “simple English kitchen”, the 47-year-old revealed that Lily had talked to him about it when they first met (watch the video below). “When I first met Lily Allen, we went on our first date…”, he began. “You told me at one point that you always wanted a simple English kitchen.” After recalling the story, the “Smile” singer laughed off the incident. “On a first date it would be bold enough to say, ‘Hi, nice to meet you, by the way, that’s the name of Simple English Kitchen,'” she joked.

Later, David revealed that he designed his brightly lit kitchen with the designer. Billy Cotton. The “layered Italian” kitchen features open shelving, green accent colors, and a stunning long dining table. “We wanted somewhere to feel like the main engine of the house,” notes the mother of two. “When you come in there’s a big table that likes to finish shopping, the kids do their homework there, I cook.” In addition to muted tones, their kitchen features a majestic chandelier in the center of the ceiling with original moldings from when the building was constructed.

The next room was the family’s very green “garden room,” which seemed an apt name given the profusion of floral designs. Lily notes that their double velvet sofa is great for when they “argue” and they can “get away” from each other. Not only are the walls plastered with flowers, but so are the stunning blue curtains. The wallpaper is designed by Zubair, and is specially hand painted. This is the room where Lily and her children: Marnie and Ethel11, Play board games.

Lily Allen and David Harbor have been married since 2020. (Kristen Callahan/Everett Collection)

Although the Grammy-nominated musician admitted that the kitchen was “all in,” she credited her husband for putting the finishing touches on their unique carpeted bathroom. The sink and bathtub have gold swan taps, while more floral Zubair wallpaper engulfs the entire room. “Now I have a room where you can shower, or you can sit down, or you can brush your teeth,” David said. “You wanted flowers and they delivered the baby for you,” Lily joked as she gestured to the curtains and carpet in the living room. Peer free. Interestingly, their bedroom (which opens directly into the bathroom) has no windows.

In addition to showing off his beautiful home, David was recently spotted in New York City at a basketball game with Lily’s daughter Marnie, as previously mentioned. In the New York Knicks vs. San Antonio Spurs game, hell boy The star rocked a striped polo shirt, black trousers and black Vans. Meanwhile, the 10-year-old cutie opted for a casual look in a striped long-sleeved top and black jeans. Lily has two daughters from her previous marriage. Sam Cooper45. The brunette beauty and her ex-husband were married since 2011 until they called it quits in 2018. David and his now wife have been married since 2020.

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