Dax Harwood says fans are upset with AEW hiring ex-WWE stars


Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler established themselves as one of the top tag teams in pro wrestling. They have already proven their worth at AEW by winning the AEW Tag Team Titles once. They both don’t care what their critics say about their matches.

FTR is a true fan of the old-school method of professional wrestling and has been inspired by a variety of legends with his excellent inspiration from Bret Hart. CM Punk definitely approves of this.

For the past year or more, AEW has recruited several former WWE Superstars, including Malakai Black, Brian Danielson, CM Punk, Adam Cole and many others. Some fans are upset about AEW signing former WWE superstars.

While speaking TSN, FTR’s Dax Harwood said that it was heartbreaking to see fans upset about AEW hiring former WWE talent. He then explained why he needed it.

There are a lot of fans – and it boggles my mind – that get upset. They are upset to see a lot of former WWE talent [in AEW]. They must understand that AEW cannot hire independent wrestlers because if they only hire independent wrestlers for a television product, it will lead the majority of the blind. You have to have people with experience in television wrestling because it’s a completely different animal than professional wrestling.

AEW will continue to sign a variety of talent, who will help the company profitably in the long run. In the end AEW has proven that their investments are successful, so it remains to be seen who will sign them ahead.

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November 15, 2021 7:32 am


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