DC school board bosses urge families to ‘colonize’ Thanksgiving


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Lewis D. Ferebee, Chancellor of the Public Schools of Washington, DC, sent a letter to the DCPS community urging parents and children to “colonize” Thanksgiving, which he said would bring “horrors.”

After expressing his gratitude to the community and encouraging families to stay safe in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, Ferebee added a message of “recognizing holiday history.”

“Thanksgiving is a difficult day for many to celebrate as we reflect on the history of the holiday season and the horror that has plagued our local population,” the Chancellor wrote. “If you celebrate, our equity team shares resources for how you can consider colonizing your Thanksgiving”(Original emphasis).

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“If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal, consider doing one Receipt of landIn that message, he linked to the local administration center, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping “local nations.”Use appropriate language. Don’t sugarcoat the past. Use words like genocide, ethnic cleansing, stolen land and forced removal to reflect the actions taken by the colonists ”(emphasis source).

Lewis Ferebee, Washington, DC, Chancellor of Public Schools. Photo courtesy DCPS

Ferebee also shared “two” Articles To Colonialism Your holiday, ”and book recommendations for children and adults.

One of the articles he shared from the site Bioneers says, “We learn about Thanksgiving in school as internalizing oppression.”

“By reaching children at an age when their brains and thoughts are still forming, we normalize the idea that America is European-descended, above all, Christian,” the article states. “Children of different ethnic and religious backgrounds implicitly learn that their roots are not part of the American story.”

The article suggests that Americans should tell the “true story of Thanksgiving”, serve locally sourced food, and “resolve oppression by expanding your sector.”

Message by Lewis Ferebee, Chancellor of Public Schools, Washington, DC.

Message by Lewis Ferebee, Chancellor of Public Schools, Washington, DC.

Another article from the site Cultural Survival warns that “stories about the first Thanksgiving perpetuate harmful stereotypes and racism.”

The article urges Americans to “learn the real history”, “Thanksgiving, like Columbus Day, serves as a reminder of the genocide and violence experienced and endured by local communities.”

The article encourages Americans to eat Native American food, “listen to local voices,” support specific legislation that reverses the Trump-era policy, support Native American artists, buy local products, and share positive imagery of Native Americans. Americans, and “to end racial indigenous mascots in sport.”

Flags behind US Capital are found in the National Mall.  (AP)

Flags behind US Capital are found in the National Mall. (AP)


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