Dear Chappell was postponed from appearing at his own high school for fear of student protest


Dave Chappell laughed at much controversy arising from his recent Netflix special “The Closer.”

The comedian drew the ire of the LGBTQ + community after the comedy special was released on Netflix in September. In it, Chappell devotes a third of his time to discussing his past affairs with transgender people who are offended by his jokes. He makes remarks such as “Gender is a Fact” and proclaims “Team TERF” in the long assertion of “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling.

His comments caused a lot of setbacks Walkout among Netflix employees, And a projected look at their former high school prompted the students to defer to the protest.

Politics He attended Chappell’s planned show at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Georgetown, where he attended the high school, which was originally reported to be moved from November 23 to April 22. It was reported that the students planned to walk out against their comments against the Lingayat community.

Critics provoke Dave Chappell’s Netflix special face-off

Dave Chappell has been facing setbacks for months on his Netflix special, The Closer.
(Mathieu Bitton / Netflix)

Now, a Statement on its website, The school says it hopes to use it as a teaching moment and take extra time to open up a conversation with students about the situation.

“‘The Closer’ – the most watched comedy special in Netflix’s history, earning a 96% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes – sparked a national debate about race, gender, sexuality and ‘undoing culture’,” the school wrote. “As a learning organization, we deeply care about inclusion, diversity, equality and belonging, protecting the well-being and dignity of our student body, faculty, and every member of the community. We believe in continuing with the event, as originally scheduled. And without addressing concerns first, it will be a missed opportunity for a teachable moment. “

Dave Chappell's appearance in high school has been postponed by fears of protests about 'The Closer'.

Dave Chappell’s appearance in high school has been postponed by fears of protests about ‘The Closer’.
(Mathieu Bitton / Netflix)

Chappell’s representatives did not immediately respond to LBL’ request for comment.

Michael Jackson accused Dave Chappell of responding to a Netflix special where Starr said he doesn’t believe

However, the The Indianapolis Star Chappell reportedly commented on the controversy at his old high school during a recent stand-up performance. Comedian “The Closer” is doing it so he jokes that he “can’t raise money for kids.”

“They’re undoing the stuff I don’t want to do,” Chappell said.

The planned event is to name a theater on campus in honor of the comedian. In her statement, the school noted what impact Chappell had on the organization in the years after it became famous. He donated his first Emmy Award and other memorabilia to the school and spoke at the graduation ceremony. He also hosted a masterclass featuring accomplished artists such as Bradley Cooper, Chris Tucker, Erica Badu, Common and more. The statement points out that Chappell has personally donated millions.

Dave Chappell drowns in hot water over comments he made in his September Netflix special, The Closer.

Dave Chappell drowns in hot water over comments he made in his September Netflix special, The Closer.
(Mathieu Bitton – Netflix)

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“We as a community are inclined to this moment. We have been involved in listening sessions with our students and have made room for diverse perspectives. We are committed to fostering a community where every person feels heard and supported,” the school statement adds. In addition, using Chappell’s recent work as inspiration, we have expanded our social studies curriculum to include issues related to political activity, civic engagement, art activity and intersections of race, gender and sexuality. “

The statement concludes: “We recognize that not everyone accepts or welcomes every artist’s vision, product or craft, but rejects the notion that a ‘cancellation culture’ is a healthy or constructive tool to teach our students how society should balance creativity. The freedom to defend the rights and dignity of all its members.”


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