Death of teen who went missing for 100 days not suspicious, Chinese police say

Hong Kong

There are no suspicious circumstances in the death of a Chinese teenager whose body was found near his school last week, 100 days after he disappeared, authorities said Thursday, ending a high-profile case that has gripped the nation. had taken over.

Hu Sunyu, 15, went missing from a private high school in China’s southeastern province of Jiangxi in October. Her disappearance became one of the most discussed topics on the Chinese Internet, raising questions about what happened to her.

At a news conference Thursday, Hu Mansong, deputy police chief of Jiangxi province, detailed the police investigation into Hu’s death, an unusually thorough account by Chinese authorities’ standards. He also acknowledged shortcomings in government search operations and accepted public criticism.

Authorities were criticized for not finding Ho despite an extensive police search. The operations covered about 40 hectares (0.4 sq km) of forest around the school campus, deployed sniffer dogs, drones and thermal imaging equipment and mobilized thousands of people, before His body was found by a member of the public.

In recent months, unsubstantiated rumors about the boy’s disappearance have spread, fueling public distrust of Chinese authorities – partly the result of a lack of government transparency and years of worsening censorship.

Police have arrested one person for spreading a video containing false information and given administrative punishment to three others for spreading rumours, the deputy police chief said on Thursday.

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