Defeating the Buccaneers opens up a world of possibilities for the Giants


Tampa, Fla. – This is a very short term and should be avoided as much as possible by the Giants, as it is a franchise that does not allow the lure of possibility to enter its realm.

Even the giants usually live up to what they expect from them, and for a very long time, the expectations around them have been very low. Although they have won two of their last three games, they have one ups and downs, and that allows that little word to creep into the back door of their ongoing season.


If they somehow find a way to beat the Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on Monday night, who else can they beat?

If he somehow manages to give Tom Brady his third consecutive loss, why can’t he handle the rest of the Giants ’schedule?

Daniel Jones
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One win, one loss, one win and then a week-long rise for the Giants in the bye week puts him one of four in the NFC to enter the week with a 3-6 record, meaning he is heavy enough to lift a wild card contender status (after 1pm on Sundays) The 49ers, Saints and Vikings locked in a three-way tie for the second and third wild-card spots (5-5). The Giants are healthier on offense than at any other time this season – Saquon Barkley and left tackle Andrew Thomas return after missing many games with injuries – but the absence of free safety Logan Ryan (COVID-19 reserve) is a blow. A defense that requires all the experience and savvy against Brady’s laser-focused attacks.

“I think we’re definitely excited about where this team is going,” quarterback Daniel Jones said. “We feel we have improved from week to week as a team.”

When the Giants arrive on the field, the last 15 days they’ve played, they beat the Raiders at MetLife Stadium. It will be 30 days since the Bucks finally won the game, but they are still number one in the NFC South.

This is Jones’ second match at this Florida Gulf Coast locale. In his first NFL start, Jones threw for two touchdowns in Week 3 of 2019, ran for two touchdowns and brought the Giants back for a 32-31 win over an 18-point halftime deficit. They were the pre-Brady Bucks.

“The first half is obviously not great,” Jones said. “The second half and just catching the rhythm, making plays. I think I remember the final drive more.

The final drive ended with Jones sprinting to the end zone for a game-winning touchdown, which he couldn’t duplicate enough to create a first-start highlight.

Two years later, the Giants remain in rebuilding mode, lugging a sub-500 record in the second half of the season, on the outside, looking for a postseason addition. Finding a way to pull the upset in this space will change everything with the giants, the chances they will create are moving forward.

“I think we have good chemistry as a team right now,” coach Joe Judge said. “We are really building forward. It is very exciting. I see the units playing together aggressively, defensively and kicking, and really coming forward as a team. I am very encouraged by what I see from our team.

If the Giants keep their pre-bye week rolling, that incentive will turn into flat-out enthusiasm. The team hasn’t won back-to-back games all season, so it’s a milestone in many ways. If the Giants could do that. If. There is that little talk again.



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