Dems use Biden’s Build Back Better Act to ‘raise your taxes’, says Rep. Jordan


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Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, warned Sunday that Democrats are using President Biden’s $ 1.75 trillion social spending and climate package to raise taxes for the American people, but left-leaning spending has already led to record inflation.

Ranked members of the House Judiciary Committee appeared on LBL’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” where they told host Maria Bartiromo that Biden’s Build Back Better Act, which is expected to vote in the House this week, is “just insane.”

Top Biden financial advisers say the $ 1.75T spending bill will reduce inflation

Jordan said of the Democrats, “The bill we have coming up next week, called Build Back Better, is getting ready to increase your taxes.” “So for all the people that are working, you’re going to get a tax increase now.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said he believes President Biden’s Build Back Better Act will result in a tax increase for working Americans.
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Jordan said the “reckless spending” of the Left has led to “record inflation,” and the real victims are American families paying more for a home or apartment rent, gas up for their cars, and Thanksgiving. Turkey and Christmas gifts this year.

“His economic plan is really to lock up the economy, spend it like crazy, and pay people to not work,” Jordan said of the Democrats.

Biased Tax Policy Center Releasing an analysis last week, Biden said the provisions included in the draft version of his social spending bill violate his pledge that tax increases will only affect Americans earning $ 400,000 or more.

The tax hike determined by the think tank is “very small,” as low- and middle-income families pay an average of an additional $ 100 or less, subject to increases. Families earning between $ 200,000 and $ 500,000 will have to pay an average of $ 230 a year if the plan is implemented.

Thomas Barabi of LBL contributed to this report.


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