Denmark’s Prince Joachim’s four children lose titles on royal website after Queen Margrethe’s decision

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, who officially lost her royal prince and princess titles on New Year’s Day, has had her four grandchildren renew their titles as count and countess. official website of the royal family.

Nicholas, 23, Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10, are the children of the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Joachim, 53.

The children succeed their father, who is sixth in line to the throne.

Joachim shares Nicholas and Felix with his ex-wife Alexandria, Countess of Frederiksborg, and Henrik and Athena with his current wife Princess Marie.

The decision to remove their titles was announced in September and took effect in the new year.

Although the Queen said she made the decision in the best interests of her grandchildren and the monarchy, the removal of their titles has caused tension within the royal family.

Queen Margrethe during her Christmas speech.

In a statement in October, the Queen said she was “regretful” that Prince Joachim and his children had “underestimated” the extent to which her decision had affected her.

He noted that “holding the title of royal carries with it a number of obligations and responsibilities that in future will belong to lesser members of the royal family. I intend to pass this amendment in due course, which I see as necessary to future-proof the monarchy.”

In September, the palace announced that the royal titles would be “discontinued” and they would be called Peerages rather than Royal Highnesses.

The grandchildren inherited the titles of prince and princess upon birth, and the princess conferred the titles of Montpezat in 2008.

“The Queen’s decision is in line with similar adjustments that other royal households have made in various ways in recent years,” the September statement added.

The Queen sought to give her grandchildren more freedom, “to shape their lives to a greater degree, not limited to the special attention and obligations that involve official connection with the Royal House of Denmark as an institution.”

Prince Joachim with his sons Nicholas and Felix and his wife Princess Marie.
Prince Joachim with his sons Nicholas and Felix and his wife Princess Marie.
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Joachim told the Danish publication that his family is “very sad,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s never fun treating your kids like that. They get into a situation they don’t understand,” he said.

Alexandria said the same, saying her children feel “outcast” by the Queen.

The four children of the Queen’s eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, first in line to the throne, were unaffected by the decision and retained their HRH titles. His children are from second to fifth.


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