DeSantis leads Trump in 2024 GOP primary race: Poll

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has a clear lead over former President Donald Trump in the two-way race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, according to a new poll.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll has been released As of Thursday, 47 percent of registered Republican or Republican independent voters said they would vote for DeSantis, 44, if their statewide primary or caucus were held today. Just 42 percent of the same cohort said they would support Trump, 76.

The poll shows a 14 percentage point swing toward DeSantis since mid-October, when 45 percent of registered Republicans or GOP-leaning independents favored Trump, compared to 36 percent for DeSantis. said he would support.

The Florida governor, who was re-elected by a landslide on Nov. 8, also leads Trump by 11 percentage points (51 percent to 40 percent) among Americans who voted in his state’s 2016 GOP primary or caucus.

Donald Trump trails Ron DeSantis by five points in the latest GOP 2024 poll.
Washington Post via Getty Images
DeSantis reportedly tried to distance himself from Trump and his attacks.
DeSantis easily won his re-election campaign.
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A poll against President Biden found DeSantis a stronger challenger for the 80-year-old commander-in-chief.

Registered voters were split 44 percent when asked who they would support in a projected 2024 contest between Biden and DeSantis. However, in a Trump-Biden rematch in the 2020 election, 45 percent of registered voters chose Biden, while 42 percent supported Trump.

No other potential 2024 presidential candidate has come close to either DeSantis or Trump in the poll for support. Former Vice President Mike Pence and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley are each approved by 5 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents.

The pair was followed by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and outgoing Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, all with 2% support.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan drew the back of the potential GOP field by 1%, with 12% saying they were unsure of their choice and another 4% saying they would vote.

In this split field, Trump has 35% and DeSantis has 30%.

The poll was conducted Dec. 1-5, after several Trump-backed candidates fell short of expected wins in the midterm elections, and after the former commander-in-chief’s Nov. 22 dinner with an anti-Semitic rapper. was carried out. Kanye West and white supremacist Nicolas Fuentes.

Most of the candidates Trump endorsed lost the elections.
Many GOP members blamed Trump for the party’s failures in the midterm elections.
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The dinner comes a week after Trump announced his third consecutive presidential bid, making him the only Republican to throw his hat in the ring in 2024.

At the time of the poll, several high-profile Republicans ripped Trump for a social media post in which he claimed that starting in 2020, election fraud would “allow for the repeal of all rules, regulations and clauses, even those contained in the Constitution.” did

The former president was also widely blamed for Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s runoff loss in the Peach State on December 6, giving Democrats an outright majority in the upper house of Congress. entered

Meanwhile, DeSantis was named a finalist this week for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, losing to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


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