Despite not being on James Gunn’s DC slate, Constantine 2 is still happening

When DC Studios co-owners James Gunn and Peter Safran DC announced its initial slate of comic book movies. In late January (throwing some unfair shade in the direction of the arrow), he made it clear that existing plans e.g. Joker: Madness for Two And the continuation of Matt Reeves Batman universe will still be happening, but that they’ll be “clearly” labeled as “Elseworlds” projects to separate them from the rest of the interconnected MCU-style stuff they’re making. Of particular note in Gunn and Safran’s announcement, though, it was notable that another previously confirmed project—Keanu Reeves Constantine The sequel– was completely absent.

But apparently this was just an oversight, or a conscious mistake due to the character’s weak connection to the superhero world, because Entertainment Weekly Confirmation received From Warner Bros Constantine 2 still ongoing. So that’s cool. It’s nice to know that the people running Warner Bros. aren’t a bunch of Matthew Perry types these days. Unfathomable axis to grind against Reeves (One of the most loved personalities in showbiz). gave Constantine The sequel, which will be directed by Francis Lawrence (returning from the first film), doesn’t seem to have made much progress, as it’s only been a few months, but Reeves is pretty busy. John Wick Movies will take some time to happen anyway.

All that aside, the lack of information here raises an interesting point: Keagan and Safran’s DC studio label is also in charge of comic adaptations that fall under the Vertigo umbrella (e.g. Constantine It does, from that A light blazer origins) or DC’s current Black Label branding? We ask because we would really like to see adaptations. Nice house on the lakeAnd we want to know who we should send our letters to.

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