Disney CEO Bob Iger rips Ron DeSantis over Florida battle: ‘It’s a matter of retaliation’

Bob Iger, the former CEO of the Walt Disney Company, has criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the state’s battle with the company regarding its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees.

In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, Iger said that DeSantis’ actions were “a matter of retaliation” against Disney for implementing its vaccine mandate. He also stated that the governor’s actions were “anti-business” and could ultimately hurt the state’s economy.

“It’s very concerning to me as a former CEO of Disney, but also as someone who cares about Florida and the economy of Florida, that a governor would take an action that’s so clearly anti-business,” Iger said.

The dispute between Disney and Florida began when the company announced that all of its employees would be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. DeSantis quickly criticized the move, and signed an executive order banning businesses from requiring customers to show proof of vaccination.

Disney responded by suing the state, claiming that the executive order was unconstitutional. A judge later issued a temporary injunction against the order, allowing Disney to move forward with its mandate.

However, DeSantis has continued to criticize the company, accusing it of being “woke” and suggesting that the vaccine mandate was part of a larger political agenda.

Iger called these accusations “ridiculous” and said that the mandate was simply a matter of protecting employees and customers.

“Disney, like any company, has a responsibility to its employees and its guests,” he said. “And the vaccine mandate was just a reasonable step to take to make sure that everyone who comes into contact with the company is safe.”

Iger’s comments come as the delta variant of COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States, prompting many businesses to implement vaccine mandates for employees. While some Republican politicians, including DeSantis, have opposed these mandates, many business leaders have supported them as a way to keep employees and customers safe.

As the battle between Disney and Florida continues, it remains to be seen whether other companies will follow Disney’s lead and implement vaccine mandates for their own employees.

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