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A new Marvel-inspired drone show has debuted at Disneyland Paris. A nighttime spectacle titled “Avengers: Power the Night” is set to take place over and above the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Walt Disney Studios, just before closing every night from now until October.

Inspired by the park’s recently opened Avengers Campus, the eight-minute show features characters like Black Panther, Captain America and Doctor Strange using a combination of 500 drones, lights and fireworks, which Set to and recorded by Grammy-winner Marco Marangelli, the score is sublime. Abbey Road Studios in London.

Disneyland Paris show director Arnaud Frege spent six months conceptualizing and creating the display in partnership with France-based drone entertainment company Dronesos, which used modified parrot drones to fly it. The two teams previously worked together on a drone show for Disneyland called D-Light, which runs each night before the fireworks (like the California setup, Disneyland Paris has two parks, Park Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios).

Avengers Power the Night, Disneyland Paris

Although Faridj declined to comment on the budget, the size of the team gives some indication. “there [are] Light designer teams, motion designers, drone designers, SFX designers, then I worked with a show writer, musical producers, and we went to Abbey Road to record this spectacular. [performance with] More than 70 musicians said Variety.

Read on for more details on how the night’s spectacle came together.

What was the starting point of “Avengers: Power of the Night”?

The starting point was the opening ceremony of Avengers Campus. [last July]. Our Guide to Disneyland Paris [and] Really appreciated around the world [it] And the response from the guests was just incredible. So I have been asked to produce a show based on the look and feel of the Avengers campus. Our first conversation [with Dronisos]I will always remember. I said, “Guys, what have you done? [at Parc Disneyland] Amazing… but what you did was six months ago, we’re going to go further. And they were like, “Okay, come on!”

Everything is 3D. And we really push the boundaries. I remember the conversation when we did the first storyboard, they were like, “Okay, so it’s a 30-minute show?” We were like, “No no no no no. This is an eight-minute show.” We’re going to do it all in eight minutes. And they thought we were completely crazy.

Avengers Power the Night, Disneyland Paris

Did Marvel Studios have to approve everything?

I work with franchises and here at Disneyland Paris, and at Disney, we work with a lot of different franchises, so it’s been an amazing partnership because, of course, we get to see their characters, Respect their franchise a lot. IP and we want to display it in the best possible way. And they were very helpful in telling us what we could do with them and how we could do it. And with the ideas we had, all you’re going to see in this show is a new type of artwork from Marvel. This is like never done before, never seen before.

The projection you will see is not exactly from the movies. It’s not from the comics, either, it’s something new. And when I came up with the idea, they were like, “Are we sure we want to show the Avengers like this?” And indeed, it was quite easy to convince them because they loved concepts. And when we talked about the drones, and they were like, “Yeah, but we don’t really want to make a show to make it pretty.” And we’re like, “No, we’re just going to show the power of the Avengers.” And each drone section represents the powers of the Avengers. It shows their strength, it shows why they are a true superhero.

What was the biggest creative challenge?

To be honest, I know it might sound a little cheesy, but it was just fun. To be fair, it’s not a challenge, it’s just how you bring the emotions of the movies and the comics and the entire franchise into an eight-minute show. And how do you make something so that it has a purpose and surprises people, but also has an emotional arc.

Watch a teaser for “Avengers: Power of the Night” below:

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