Disturbed’s David Draiman shares he almost lost his life to “addiction and depression”

David Draiman, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Disturbed, recently revealed that he almost lost his life to addiction and depression. Draiman, who has been open about his struggles with addiction and mental health in the past, shared the details of his harrowing experience in a recent interview.

In the interview, Draiman discussed how he had hit rock bottom after years of substance abuse and depression. He recalled feeling completely hopeless and lost, and even attempted to take his own life. However, he credits his wife, Lena Yada, with saving him and helping him turn his life around.

Draiman explained that Yada had been working on a project for her own personal growth, which involved a lot of meditation and introspection. She shared what she was learning with Draiman, and encouraged him to give it a try. Skeptical at first, Draiman eventually gave in and began practicing meditation and mindfulness.

He credits this practice with helping him overcome his addiction and depression, and says that he is now in a much better place mentally and emotionally. He also spoke about the importance of seeking help and support when struggling with mental health issues, and encouraged others who may be struggling to reach out for help.

Draiman’s story serves as a reminder that addiction and mental health struggles can affect anyone, regardless of their status or success. It also highlights the importance of seeking help and support when dealing with these issues, and the power of practices like meditation and mindfulness in overcoming them.

Disturbed fans and fellow musicians have expressed their support for Draiman, applauding his courage in sharing his story and raising awareness about mental health issues. As he continues to focus on his recovery and well-being, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for the band and hoping to see them back on stage soon.

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