Do you think your lover is cheating? Hacking my smart phone will find out

Once a cheater, always a cheater – but at least know how to spot them early.

A podcast host and TikToker has shared her genius smartphone hack to capture nude photos of other women on her man’s phone.

25-year-old Lea Louvaine from London pulled off the latest hack using her phone’s camera. Simply use the search function and enter keywords that describe the images you are looking for.

“Want to know if your boyfriend has any nudies on his phone? Because I can show you how to do it,” he began to the viral TikTok clip, which has garnered over 698,000 views. “Warning: poisonous, right?”

Despite the large number of Americans who want to eliminate the stigma surrounding sharing nude photos, in reality, racy images of the ghosts of past girlfriends or random side pieces are unmistakable red flags.

A content creator has revealed the secret to exposing fraudsters by hacking a simple smartphone.
Jam press/@leahontheline
A viral clip has revealed how to use your partner’s search function to find hidden nudies.
Click Jam Vid/@leahontheline

Titled ‘toxic advice 101’, Louvain’s incredible tutorial is for girls who are ‘convinced’ that their partner might be cheating.

“Here’s what we do. We took our boyfriend’s phone — again, I don’t condone this behavior, it’s toxic,” she continued in the clip, advising women with such a “gut” feeling to try her simple hack. “We open the camera roll, we look for ‘brassiere.’

“If you search for this in the camera roll, it comes up naked, underwear and bikini pictures,” he added. “You never know when you might have to pull that trick out of the bag.”

Louvaine also hosts her own podcast where she shares her tips and tricks.
Jam press/@leahontheline
While the trick is “toxic,” he says, catching the scammer before it’s too late can also be beneficial.
Jam press/@leahontheline

Users in the comments were amazed at his genius, showered him with compliments – praised and admitted that they had tried it.

“Me: I don’t want to know. Me too: I watch everything,” one woman wrote.

“If they were in a ‘hidden’ folder on the camera roll, it probably needed Face ID,” explained another – to which Luvain responded with a red flag emoji.

“Did this on my camera,” commented another. “Working.”

“Can confirm it works,” agreed someone else.

This isn’t the first time a podcaster has revealed tricks. Earlier this year, Louvaine went viral on the platform for another hack to expose guys with OnlyFans subscriptions.

She advised her colleagues to enter their boyfriend’s email addresses into OnlyFans as if they were signing up for a new account.

“If it says, ‘Sorry, this account already exists,’ you’ll know your partner is signed up,” Louven said. in the clip.


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