Dodgers vs. Braves Prediction: Los Angeles Pick


Have a good time, come on! Doctors advise 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth to abandon her favorite pastime, martinis. The Jaguars (0-5) play in England. Coach Urban Meyer may catch another win, this time after the win.

Max Scherzer said, “We can party hard tonight.” The Dodgers were looking to celebrate after the Ace shirt and Giants Wilmer Flores tested his swing, but sent LA to NLCS. Dodgers captain Dave Roberts offered the game to reclaim Mighty Max, and he’ll start Sunday’s Game 2 in Atlanta. Scherzer, who started two games this postseason on Thursday before saving his one-inning, his ERA to 1.46. The Braves ’Ian Anderson made an opening and was brilliant, closing out the Brewers for five frames. We have a series bet on LA and believe his team will get Ian (or Penn) but Scherzer will keep it close. 20 units in the Dodgers.

If the queen wins over the Astros, maybe she can have the last martini. JD Martinez and Rafael Devers hit the grand salami. The Red Sox won, 9-5. Below-523 Sedenos.



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