Don Lemon makes more money defending men’s sports

Don Lemon had a heated exchange with his CNN colleagues Thursday morning after observing that male athletes make more money than women’s sports because men’s sports make more money than women’s sports.

Lemon upset her “CNN This Morning” co-stars Caitlin Collins and Poppy Harlow with her comments about the pay gap between the US men’s and women’s national soccer teams, saying that male athletes are paid more. sport is a bigger platform.

“I’m not sexist,” Lemon insisted, countering that our “capitalist society” benefits from high-demand products, in this case men’s sports, so male athletes earn more.

The controversy erupted amid CNN data analyst Harry Enten’s explanation of the pay disparity between the two teams.

Noting that the U.S. women’s national soccer team has been more successful than the men’s team, winning games and winning multiple world championships — something the men’s team has yet to accomplish — Lemon said points out that this is irrelevant to debates between women. more must be paid.

The anchor interjected, “I know everyone hates me, but the men’s team makes more money. If they make more money, they should get more money.” The two female anchors heard her and immediately tried to interrupt her.

Before the full discussion, he added, “The men’s team makes more money because people are more interested in men!”

Lemon made the point during a segment on the pay gap between members of the US men’s and women’s national soccer teams.
AP Photo/David Vincent, file

Harlow blamed “big media companies” for the low popularity of women’s sports. She said, “I have a big problem with that, guys, the WNBA — it’s the same thing with them. Until the big media companies, the big tech companies, the advertisers invest and put more of it on the air and let people see it more and get more fans, you’re going to move towards more equality.

He added: “If they are blocked in many ways and don’t invest as much, they don’t have a shot.”

Lemon refused to back down. “I’m not sexist,” she said. “I grew up as the only son in an all-female family.” He then told Harlow, “I understand what you’re saying, but not everyone has the same skill set, not everyone has the same interest in sports.”

Lemon’s co-owner Poppy Harlow blamed the “big media companies” for women’s sports being less popular.

She clarified: “I think women should be paid more, I really do, but if men -” Collins interrupted her, quipping: “You’re right. , not everyone has the same skills because women are more skilled.”

Poppy applauded Collins’ joke, but Lemon dismissed it, saying, “Women are more skilled against other better women, but if women played against men, they wouldn’t win like they did.”

A frustrated Harlow replied, “I’m not even going to get into that argument.”

Lemon said the men’s soccer team “makes more money because people are more interested in men.”
AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan

After a commercial break, the trio continued their feud. Lemon continued to defend his opinion: “So, I’m just saying that if there is more interest in men’s sports, the businessmen, the people who make money from sports, will put it on TV, because we live in a capitalist society. If people were interested in it, there would be more attention and more money would be paid.”

Collins responded, “Why are people watching this? This is because they are used to watching it. Why are they watching this? Because men put men’s sports on TV before women’s sports.” Harlow agreed with Collin’s claim, saying: “Yeah. Yeah.”

He added: “So it’s a systematic, institutionalized thing.”


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