Donald Trump’s “major announcement” is $99 NFTs about himself.

Donald Trump really lives in his own fantasy world.

The 76-year-old former president teased a “major announcement” with a rumored superhero-themed video on Wednesday — revealing on Thursday that he is indeed launching a new line of digital trading cards.

Who else is featured in the new NFT collection of the 45th president? — itself in many different forms of virtual reality.

According to his ad, Trump is depicted wearing a top hat, triumphantly riding an elephant, and the cards feature a bust in a dapper James Bond-style tuxedo. Reality is social.

“Hello everyone, this is Donald Trump, I hope your favorite president – better than Lincoln, better than Washington – with an important announcement,” Trump said in a tone-deaf tone. video is linked to the post. “I am creating my first official Donald J. Trump NFT collection.â€

The former leader of the free world then urged fans to buy what he described as “baseball card-like” so-called Donald Trump digital trading tokens – for “just” $99 each.

Looks like her figure, right?

“Would make a great Christmas present. Don’t wait. I believe that they will disappear very quickly!” he added in despair on Haqiqat’s social network.

Trump’s self-aggrandizing cards — a megalomaniac gift to himself — also depict the former president as a cowboy and sunglasses-wearing astronaut.

He says the NFT has “really great artwork from my life and my career” and buying it is a ticket to “a very exclusive community.”

On Wednesday, the former president teased the announcement with a superhero-themed video — baiting his Truth Social followers with the promise of something big the next day.

One of Trump’s new NFT cards features him as an astronaut.

In that short clip, Trump told viewers, “America needs a superhero!” He said, because the music that sounded like Marvel World was playing.

The cropped image showed an animated version of the former president posing as Superman in front of Trump Tower, ripping off his business suit to reveal his muscular chest and red T-logo body.

The announcement shocked and surprised critics on social media.

“That’s how you become irrelevant,” One Twitter user wrote“not with a bang or a hiss, but by advertising the whisper as a bang.”

The presentation of NFT includes gift offers for buyers.
Trump’s new digital trading cards cost $99.

“The best part is that he waited until everyone agreed that most NFTs were scams and a number of celebrities were sued for running them.” noted a pseudonymous reviewer AG Hamilton.

“He doesn’t want to run,” he guessed Audience World is edited by Stephen L. Miller. “He thinks he has to because he lost, but he doesn’t want to.”

“Trump 2024 campaign doesn’t seem to be fully meeting fundraising goals yet” jokey lawyer and podcast host Jeff Blehar.


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