Dusty Rhodes for all the banned WWE NXT promo


During his time at the WWE Performance Center at the WWE Performance Center, Robinson had the opportunity to work with Dusty Rhodes, which should be considered a privilege for anyone. As it turned out, the American Dream actually liked the banned promo.

When talking with Fighting, Robinson discusses his time with NXT and his experiences as a CJ Parker between 2012 and 2015. He revealed the idea of ​​a new character he tested.

“Oh yeah. Gosh I can clear the air now. It was great. For me, I was trying to do it — I left everything here. I was trying to be super, super, super left-wing. Almost a hippie cartoon, or something called a hippie. Just funny things. I had some CM Punk / Straight Edge society that was, strangely, almost disconnected with realism. That kind of ‘heel.’ I was just trying to do that.

Another member of the NXT roster shot the promo at Sea World, where he argued for Orcas. He also called it the “slave world.” CJ Parker is a symbol of the hippie character.

That Sea World bit didn’t fly, but Dusty Rhodes liked it.

“So I and another guy, I don’t remember, who came up with this, but the next thing I know I’m out of Sea World. The water is in my eyes and the sad music, the orcas are swimming and I call it a slave world. You can’t say it. Anyway, I showed it to Dust and he liked it. – Bush is also with WWE or something, I don’t know. Bureaucratic Bull Crop.

Unfortunately, some of those Sea World promo WWE libraries are hidden in video equipment, never to see light. We keep our hopes that fans will see the missing media side, but Juice Robinson will never forget it.

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