Earl Hebner was told he would be fired if he didn’t go with the Montreal screwjob


The infamous Montreal screwjob changed the course of professional wrestling forever. The double-cross caused Vince McMahon to infamously turn on fans of the company he runs. Backstage reports and the camera crew in attendance at the time gave fans unprecedented access to the wrestling program that really transformed the business.

Referee Earl Hebner found one of the most unfortunate spots as the project unfolded. Bret Hart suggested that Shawn Michaels apply his signature sharpshooter as he had to play the bell. Longtime WWE employee and Vince McMahon trusts Gerald Briscoe about the incident with Bruce PrichardSomething to wrestle with”Podcast. He said the ref had no choice but to betray his friend Brett.

“As the match was getting ready to go into the ring, Earl was getting ready to go there. I grabbed Earl by the arm and took a few steps from the gorilla position where Bruce (Pritchard) and Davey Boy and Owen were sitting, so I couldn’t talk to him in front of them because he warned Brett that somehow Briscoe was talking to the referee and getting to know something.

So I put the Earl back in a little corner and the Earl didn’t want to do that. Earl wasn’t going to do that. I started putting it in black and white. I said, ‘Earl, you have a mortgage on your house, right? If Brett takes his title out there (WCW), and as I said, we’re not financially good, we’re the WWF, do they pay your mortgage? Is he going to pay your electricity bill? Is he going to feed your family when he’s taken off and he’s making billions of dollars? What happens to you if you refuse to do this and I have to change you? ‘

I went to Timmy White and asked Timmy to stand aside. I said to Timmy, ‘We may have a ref bump, so you need to stand up.’ How did I close it with Timmy to be on standby to referee the match if something happened. Timmy, of course being the company guy, said, ‘Yeah, I’m happy.’ He said, ‘I hope nothing happens.’ I said, ‘I do too, but I need you as standby.

The WWE hierarchy has clearly portrayed Earl Hebner in a corner. Briscoe added that if he refused to play with Hebner, he would have referee Tim White on standby. He finally did and said it was the biggest regret of his career.

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November 15, 2021 10:32 am


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