Ed Sheeran says listening to Eminem helped “cure” his stutter

Ed Sheeran, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, has revealed that listening to Eminem’s music has helped him overcome his stutter. In a recent interview with SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Sheeran opened up about his experience with stuttering and how he was inspired to pursue music as a way to express himself.

Sheeran spoke candidly about his childhood, where he faced difficulties in communication due to his stutter. However, he found solace in music, and when he heard Eminem’s rap song “The Marshall Mathers LP” at the age of 9, it changed his life.

“I learned every word of it back to front by the time I was 10,” Sheeran said. “And he raps very fast and very melodically and very percussively, and it helped me get rid of the stutter.”

Sheeran credits Eminem’s style of rapping for teaching him how to speak more quickly and rhythmically. As he continued to listen to Eminem and other rappers, he developed his own style of fast-paced, lyrically dense music that has become his trademark.

Sheeran’s journey with stuttering has been well-documented, and he has been an advocate for organizations like the British Stammering Association. In his 2014 memoir, “Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey,” he opened up about his struggles with stuttering and how music has helped him overcome it.

The singer also talked about how he uses music as a way to connect with his fans, especially those who may be going through similar experiences.

“Everyone’s got their own battles,” he said. “And I feel like, as an artist, it’s my job to try and connect with people.”

Sheeran’s love for Eminem’s music has been well-known for years. In 2015, he teamed up with the rapper for a song called “River,” which became a hit single. Sheeran has also covered Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” at various concerts throughout his career.

In the interview with Howard Stern, Sheeran also discussed his upcoming album, “=,” which is set to be released in October. He described the album as “different” from his previous work and said it reflects his growth as an artist.

Overall, Sheeran’s experience with stuttering and his journey to overcome it is a testament to the power of music and its ability to connect people from all walks of life.

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