Eli Manning makes a great comeback to Bill Simmons on Monday Night Football.

Bill Simmons was a guest on the “Monday Night Football” Manningcast for the Patriots and Cardinals, and he was a complete Boston fan with the opportunity to debate Eli Manning about the Super Bowl heartbreak he inflicted on Patriots fans.

The “Helmet Catch” came up in the conversation early in the second quarter – on the famous play in Super Bowl XLII, David Tyre caught a pass against Eli Manning’s helmet. Simmons, as expected, had an opposing view of the game.

“Eli, which of the different grips in that performance was your favorite?” Simmons asked the former Giants quarterback. “Is that in Jarvis Green? Was it Richard Seymour?

Manning had the comeback of all comebacks, as one of the greatest moments in sports history has gone down.

“That was Tyr holding the ball in his helmet,” Eli said.

All Simmons could do was laugh.

It was an even better night for Simmons on Monday as his Patriots cruised to a 27-13 win against the Cardinals. Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray injured his knee on the third play of the game and did not return, giving backup Colt McCoy a shot.

David Tyree does a “Helmet Catch” in the Super Bowl
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The win moved New England to 7-6 on the season and in the playoff picture, while Arizona fell to 4-9 with the loss — and the biggest loss is Murray. can be.


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