Ellen Pompeo talks about quitting Grey’s Anatomy by kissing Patrick Dempsey and Scott Speedman

After keeping quiet about her departure from the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy this fall, Ellen Pompeo has finally revealed why she left her hit TV show 19 seasons after it started.

“I have to mix it up a little bit,” he said on The Drew Barrymore Show. “I’m 53 years old, and my brain is like a hard-boiled egg… I have to do something new or I’ll literally become the same person—you can’t do New York Times crosswords every day. I mean nineteen years, which is longer. people keep their kids at home, just like people keep their kids at home until they’re eighteen and then send them off to college, so it’s like me going to college.”

last month Pompeo wrote a love letter to his supportive fans after appearing in one of the last episodes of the current season 19. “Not the first time on a rollercoaster… You know the show must go on and I’ll definitely be back to visit,” she wrote on Instagram.

Pompeo told Barrymore about her performance, “I feel so blessed … listen, the show has been amazing for me and … I’ve enjoyed the experience so much.”

Ellen Pompeo decided to leave her starring role on “Grey’s Anatomy” last year after its 19th season debut.

Pompeo has led the ensemble as Dr. Meredith Gray since the show premiered in 2005.

As a host, she had several love interests on the show, most notably Patrick Dempsey, who played her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, until his death in season 11.

For the past few seasons, Scott Speedman has played her new love interest, Dr. Nick Marsh.

Patrick Dempsey, right, and Scott Speedman played Ellen Pompeo's main love interests for 19 seasons.

Patrick Dempsey, right, and Scott Speedman played Ellen Pompeo’s main love interests for 19 seasons.
(Theo Wargo/Mondadori Portfolio)


Barrymore, in particular, wasn’t shy about asking if any of Pompeo’s colleagues were “easier to kiss.”

“You know, I love Patrick Dempsey. I love him … and he, and we had a great time together, and I also love my current love, Scott Speedman,” she said on the show. about pgan men.

Barrymore: “How much fun is Speedman?” Pompeo replied: “Speedman is hot. Speedman is very hot.”

Scott Speedman’s first episode of Grey’s Anatomy was in season 14.
(Lilian Lathan/ABC)

In real life, Pompeo has been married to her husband Chris Ivery for 15 years. The couple shares three children together.

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