Elon Musk gives inside look at ‘flaming dumpster’ Twitter HQ

After visiting Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters for 48 hours, the “Robin Report” host described the situation inside the tech giant as a “dumpster rolling down the street.”

Dave Rubin joined “Fox & Friends” on Monday to detail his recent visit to Elon Musk’s office, where “Chief Tweet” and engineers showed the reporter exactly how the platform has helped some users and The content was banned.

Rubin claimed to be working “behind the scenes” with Twitter to investigate why, of late, their audience’s engagement “seems to disappear completely.” Then, last Tuesday, he got a call requesting his personal presence.

“I jumped on the plane, sat in the back row, middle seat, no pillow, basically got to San Francisco a little after midnight, and Alvin met a ton of people there,” Ruben said. ” said Ruben. “All kinds of engineers were still there after midnight.”

On the first night, Ruben had a brief conversation with Musk. Censorship concerns Around the political commentator’s Twitter account.

Elon Musk has brought in creative minds and engineers from Tesla and SpaceX to try and fix what appears to be “a massive undertaking.”

“He said, ‘Look, I’ve had a long day. If you need me to stop now, I’ll stay. We can make it through tonight. Otherwise, let’s do it tomorrow,'” “And I thought to myself, I mean, here’s the richest man in the world busting his butt, willing to stay,” Ruben recalled.

Deciding to meet again and regroup the next day, Rubin claimed that when he learned that Twitter was allegedly created to “suppress some voices and elevate others”.

As he described it, it’s a fractal Rube Goldberg machine. If you remember the opening scene in Pee-wee Herman, these crazy machines where, in essence, the more things they fix, the more things break,” Rubin said. “He did it as a giant Jenga. also stated, and you’re pulling one thing out and you’re just hoping it doesn’t all go away.”

The host confirmed that Musk has brought creative minds and engineers from here. Tesla and SpaceX Try to fix what seems like a “big job”.

“He realizes the gravity of the situation because without Twitter, our ability to communicate in this world of 2023, whether we like it or not, will be severely affected,” Rubin said. .

Rubin also warned that too many new CEOs are still investigating existing employees “who may be doing bad things.”

“The way the code works, as he told me, I know not all of your viewers are coders, and neither am I, but you’re basically looking at a tiramisu layer cake. And when you Fix one layer, and then you realize how many other problems are underneath and you’ve screwed something up,” Rubin explained.

Elon Musk
Quite a few new CEOs are investigating current employees “who might be doing a bad job.”

“So there’s a coordinated effort by the government and Big Tech, and then there’s an uncoordinated, just kind of activists working at the level of these companies,” he continued. “And that’s why it’s so dirty.”

Musk also recently held bipartisan meetings with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to ensure the social media platform is “fair” to both parties.

The Twitter chief’s call for fairness on the platform between political parties comes after Twitter files revealed that the FBI routinely contacted the social media platform to inform them about the accounts. Coins that may violate the Company’s Terms of Service.

Fox Business Adam Sibbs contributed to this report.

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